Cardi B confesses to the crime he committed

Cardi B, the first rapper female singer who received the Grammy award, does not leave the past alone. Confessing that he worked in a strip club or even used drugs before becoming a singer, B also mentioned that he was stealing to survive. Many people even said that he should be punished for his confessions.
blank Cardi B appeared before the judge the other day. But not because of his confessions. At a time when he was working at the strip club, because the two sisters broke the bottle on his head. Making a statement at the Queens Criminal Court, B will be fined at the next hearing for confessing his crime.
blank The style preferred by 26-year-old Cardi was confused rather than confessing his punishment or crime. Wearing a white tunic with suspenders to rain and cold and a white trousers with plenty of legs, B also attracted attention with his nails.
blank Cardi B has a very stylish look with the $ 1100 Christian Siriano white dress, $ 1700 trousers, the $ 12,000 Hermes Birkin bag and the $ 995 Yves Saint Laurent shoes he combined with his outfit.

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