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Causes and Treatment Methods of Nape Root Pain

Causes and Treatment Methods of Nape Root Pain

High blood pressure, neck hernia, migraine, joint inflammation, posture disorders, sudden movements, are the most common causes of pain in the neck. Nuchal pain is a health problem which affects the daily life negatively and decreases the quality of life.

Nuchal pain is often seen not only on the neck, but also on the shoulders and back and chest.

Causes of neck pain are:

  1. Excessive contraction of muscles due to stress and tension
  2. Wrong seating or lying position
  3. Fluctuation, air conditioning impact
  4. Tightness or wear on the neck nerves
  5. Inflammation of neck discs
  6. Nerve compression due to sudden movement
  7. Upper respiratory diseases such as colds, influenza and flu
  8. Muscle spasm
  9. Spinal canal stenosis, spinal tumor in the neck
  10. Joint inflammation (rheumatoid arthritis)
  11. Strain of muscles in head, neck and neck
  12. Bone resorption, meningitis, flexion of the spine or muscle rheumatism
  13. Long-term computer use
  14. Curved Neck (Tortikolis)
  15. Osteoporosis bone loss
  16. Accidental impact on the neck area

How is the pain in the neck?

  1. If you have pain in your neck, the first thing you need to do is to consult the brain and nerve surgery department and diagnose the cause of this condition. Your doctor will perform the necessary treatment according to the diagnosis.
  2. Another reason for nuchal pain is high blood pressure, so if you have nausea pain, use it regularly without neglecting your blood pressure medication.
  3. If your neck pain is caused by muscle spasm and muscle pain, your doctor may prescribe muscle relaxant cream, medication, and needles.
  4. Some people who suffer from neck pain, cold compresses to relieve pain in the neck area, while others prefer to apply hot compresses. According to your situation, you can hold the hot water bag or the iron that you have warmed to the neck and neck, or you can put the ice cube bags that you removed from the ice cube tray into the bag and compress it to your nape area.
  5. If your neck pain occurs due to stress and psychological tension, should stay away from stress, should do sports, at least every day for half an hour should walk, should not talk to people who give sadness.
  6. Massaging the neck area with massage cream can also be a solution to pain.
  7. Pillow preference should be careful, should be between the shoulders and the nape of the pillow should be selected.
  8. If your neck pain occurs after injury or muscle spasm, physical therapy can also help you get rid of pain in the neck.


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