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Causes And Treatment Of Tongue Burning

Causes And Treatment Of Tongue Burning

Language burning syndrome causes a burning sensation in the tongue. This may affect the entire mouth, including gums, lips, cheeks, and palate, as part of mouth burning syndrome. Or burning can only be seen in the language. The problem of language burning is quite uncomfortable. Your tongue feels like boiled with boiling water. The situation gets worse when you want to eat or drink something. The only exception is usually cold water.

In women this situation is seen 7 times more than men. Especially in premenopausal women, language burns are common and experts think that tongue burning is caused by hormonal causes. Men and women of any age may also have problems with tongue burning.

The burning sensation can last for several months or a few years. In most cases, the burning starts at noon, worsens during the day and decreases in the late evening. Tingling, metallic or bitter taste and numbness are possible conditions that accompany the tongue burning.

Causes of burning sensation in tongue

  1. Dry mouth caused by diabetes and some drugs
  2. Various (Leave empty)language diseases(Leave empty) such as (Leave empty)tongue infection(Leave empty)
  3. Allergy to some toothpastes or various foods
  4. Inflammatory disorders such as Sjogren’s syndrome
  5. Gastric acid reflux
  6. Poor fit of prostheses
  7. Lack of various vitamins in the body

In many people, the exact cause of the tongue burning cannot be determined unfortunately. Diagnosis is difficult and makes treatment difficult. This syndrome is common with depression and anxiety.

Recent research has found a link between the components found in almost all of the commercially available toothpastes and tongue burning syndrome. This component called sodium lauryl sulfate is added to foaming of toothpaste. Sls substance found in toothpastes triggered tongue burning syndrome, ulcers and cancer in some individuals.

Your doctor or dentist will review conditions such as vitamin deficiencies, oral infections, dental fillings, or allergy to dental materials to determine the cause.

If tongue burning is caused by a material in the denture, the prosthesis is replaced. Various drugs can be used to reduce mouth dryness, treat oral infections, reduce pain, and prevent depression and anxiety.

How does tongue burn?

  1. Frequent cold water sip
  2. Small ice cubes sure
  3. Avoid irritating alcohol-containing mouthwash, spicy food, acidic foods such as citrus fruits.
  4. Chew gum without sugar.
  5. Use only carbonate for a short time with your doctor’s approval to brush your teeth.
  6. Stay away from smoking, alcohol and foods that cause allergies to your tongue.
  7. Go to the urinary doctor and take a vitamin test, get the vitamins that are missing.
  8. Identify the diseases that may cause burns in the language described above and make the necessary treatment.


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