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Causes Nausea and Drying

Causes Nausea and Drying

Your nose is not just a body to breathe and give. It is a very important protection tool for your body and prevents harmful substances from entering your body from reaching our body. There is a thick layer of skin on the nose and there is a layer of mucous membrane that makes it moist. This prevents mucus, bacteria, viruses, dust particles and other impurities from entering your body and entering your lungs. However, in some cases, nasal dryness may be seen in humans for certain reasons. When this occurs, cracks may sometimes form on the nose and bleeding may occur. Therefore, because people are uncomfortable, they seek treatment methods to resolve this problem. There are many methods to remove dryness in the nostrils.

What Causes Nasal Drying?

Causes to dry the nose are as follows;

  1. Hypertension
  2. Allergy (allergies to some foods, dust, pollen, etc.)
  3. Don’t pay attention to cleaning, touch the nose with dirty hands
  4. Nasal cancer
  5. Side effects of drugs used
  6. Environmental factors (Air conditioning in the room, environment without humidity, very hot etc.)
  7. Hair follicle inflammation in the nose
  8. Rhinitis (rhinitis)
  9. Used nasal sprays
  10. Keeping the body dehydrated, drinking less water
  11. Sjögren Syndrome
  12. Side effects of many drugs include nasal curing. The drugs that cause dryness of the nose are antibiotics, antihistamines and decongestants. Excessive consumption of drugs used to relieve nasal congestion can cause the nose to dry out.
  13. Environmental factors, such as low humidity in the environment, may cause dryness of the nose. Extremely hot and dry air also reduces the moisture inside the nose, causing it to dry out. The use of air conditioning and heaters can also reduce the humidity inside the nose. This may result in cracks and bleeding in the nose. Therefore, in very hot summers and cold winters, nasal bleeding may occur.
  14. Overuse of nasal sprays used to prevent nasal congestion can sometimes cause the nose to dry.
  15. Health problems such as allergic rhinitis can also sometimes cause the mucous membrane to dry out. This may cause dryness in the nose, throat, mouth and eyes.
  16. Sjogren’s disease is an autoimmune disease. This disease causes the mucous membranes in the entire body to dry out. This causes dryness in the nose, eyes, throat and other mucus glands.
  17. Women who are in the menopause period may also live in the nose. The reason for this is due to the hormonal irregularities in the body and the low collagen content on the skin with mucus.
  18. This dryness may also be dependent on thirst. Loss of fluid in the body causes dryness in the nose, throat and mouth. You can overcome this problem by drinking plenty of water.

How Does Nasal Organization Go Home?

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil removes the dryness of the nose and reduces the pain it causes. Coconut oil is known to solve many health problems related to humidification.


Moisturizing creams that can be applied to the nose, nose and outside of the nose can also be helpful. This avoids any cracks or cracks that may occur and reduce the burning sensation. You can even apply calamine lotion.

Sesame oil

For several days you can take sesame oil in your nostrils. In a short period of time, this method will remove dryness and provide relief.

Olive oil

Olive oil, similar to coconut oil, moisturizes your nostrils and removes dryness. In addition, olive oil removes swelling and irritation of the nose, which means that it eliminates the problems caused by the problem of nasal dryness. Put a few drops of olive oil in a dropper and drop a few drops of olive oil in both of your nostrils. Apply this method twice a day until your problems are reduced.


You can keep your nose moist by riding a little vaseline on your nose. This is a very useful method for cracked and injured nose. Do not use excess Vazelin, as a result of excess vaseline, escaping into your lungs can cause other medical problems. The use of vaseline should be minimal.

Consuming Water

It is very important that you drink plenty of water in order not to let yourself be dehydrated. Water keeps skin moist and dry. You can also consume fruits such as watermelons and oranges that contain water. These fruits have a large amount of water content and prevent the dryness of the skin. In addition, coffee, alcohol, antihistamine drugs such as dehydrating substances should not consume.


You can turn on your bed before going to bed, putting an air humidifier. This moisturizer will moisturize the air. You will see that this method works very well.

Salt Water Drops

You can go to a pharmacy and get a saline drop. Without any problems, these saline drops can be used in both children and adults. Tilt your head back and drop 3-4 drops of saline in both of your nostrils. This will keep your nostrils moist and comfortable.

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