Causes of genital warts formation

Gynecological Oncology Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, which states that the genital wart occurs due to the human papilloma virus (HPV), which often occurs in the anogenital region, and is different in size from the surface.
President Prof. Dr. Samet Topuz stated that it can often occur on the outer lips, around the anus, in the perineum, in the vagina, and sometimes in the cervix. Noting that there are more than 200 types of HPV virus, about 40 of them involve the genital system, Topuz informed that the viruses 6 and 11 in the low risk group, which are the viruses that hold the genital system, are responsible for the formation of 90% of the genital warts.


Transmitted by contact with mucosa or skin

Saying that the HPV virus is transmitted by contact with mucous membranes or skin, Topuz said, The main mode of transmission is sexual intercourse. Genital warts increase the likelihood of transmission, as they contain a high viral load. It can lead to genital warts after an incubation period of 3 weeks to 8 months after infection of the HPV virus. It is most common in sexually active young adults. 0% in those who undergo genital examination. 5 to 5%. Ranging from 1 “ he said.


Expressing that the most important risk factor is sexual activity, Topuz said: “Problems in the immune system are an important factor that increases the risk of warts from forming and recurrence. It is more common in HIV patients, those who take immunosuppressive drugs due to organ transplants, and those with diabetes. One of the important risk factors is smoking. On the other hand, being circumcised reduces the risk of HPV contamination. Physical examination is usually sufficient to make a diagnosis. Because the lesions have characteristic appearance. In rare cases, biopsy may be required in suspicious cases. “


Treatment methods

Topuz, who said that treatment was decided according to the number, size, pregnancy, and preference of the lesions, gave the following information: “Warts can be surgically removed, frozen or burned with cautery. It can be treated with chemical agents such as podophylline or trichlor acetic acid. On the other hand, regional immunity-enhancing creams can be applied in appropriate cases.”


How to protect from warts

Noting that the basic principle to protect against warts is safe sex life, Topuz, “In cases where genital warts are present, it is necessary to avoid sexual intercourse until the treatment is completed. However, there is no need to have warts in order to be infected. Condom use has limited protection against genital warts and HPV transmission. It is important to stay away from smoking, one of the changeable risk factors. However, the most effective method today is the administration of HPV vaccines, which include antibodies against type 6 and 11 viruses that cause the vast majority of genital warts, both in women and men, between the ages of 9-26. said.

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