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Causes snoring in children How to Pass What to do with the snoring child?

Causes snoring in children How to Pass What to do with the snoring child?

In children, snoring can be caused by many reasons such as nasal congestion due to cold and allergy. Snoring is a common problem in children. According to research, 20% of children snore at night. The reason for snoring is usually the obstruction in the respiratory system. But; In most cases, snoring is not taken into account by parents, but this problem that may affect your child’s health needs to be solved. Snoring with the child can be treated with natural treatment methods.

What are the causes of snoring in children?

Colds (Flu, Flu, Sinusitis)

If the child has a sinus infection or a cold, it will make it difficult to breathe by clogging your nephew. This congestion causes snoring while sleeping in the child.


In many children; There are allergy to substances such as pollen and dust. This type of allergy also causes nasal obstruction. Being a mucus in the nose also makes breathing difficult, which causes snoring.

Airlines or Nasal Congestion

If the child has a sinus infection or a cold, the nasal obstruction may make it difficult for the child to breathe. This congestion causes the snoring sound while the child is breathing while sleeping.

Septum Deviation (Nasal Bone Curvature)

The nasal septum is the cartilage and tissues that separate the two nostrils. Some children are born with a nasal bone curved with a congenital nostril that is smaller than the other. Small nostrils force airflow, make breathing difficult and cause snoring. 

Anotomic Abnormalities

The cause of snoring in children; anatomical factors. These factors may include: a small jaw, narrow throat, small airway, large-long tongue, deformed nostrils (due to accident or surgery), nasal bone curvature, and irregular teeth.

Passive Smoking

Children are passively exposed to cigarette smoke when smoking around children. Cigarette smoke not only damages the child, but also irritates the nostrils and respiratory tract, causing inflammation. Passive smoking interferes with nasal ducts and causes snoring due to respiratory tract.

Genetic Disorder and Neuromuscular Disease

Children with Down’s syndrome, muscular dystrophy, and cleft palate disease tend to snore because they have significant hypotonia or a weak muscle tone. Such children have a higher risk of snoring asleep.


In children with asthma, nostrils become inflamed which may cause snoring.

Lymph nodes or Tonsil swelling

Tonsils are located at the back of the mouth in the throat opening, and the lymph nodes are located near the nostrils. Both diapers prevent bacteria from entering the body. In some cases, lymph nodes and tonsils swell and lead to snoring. Snoring occurs in many children chronically due to inflammation of the lymph nodes and tonsils. 

Being Overweight

Being overweight causes air ducts to contract. People with excess weight often snore.

Sleep apnea

Snoring may be a symptom of a serious sleep disease known as sleep apnea. When the person has sleep apnea, the person is seen to have irregular and problematic breathing in sleep. Typically, one with sleep apnea stops breathing at 30 to 300 times a night for short periods. This brings along many problems.

Which Doctor to Go for Snoring in Children?

Ear Nose Throat Doctor.

How to Treat Snoring in Children

Treatment for snoring in children depends on the condition of the condition. Nasal congestion caused by snoring nose streoid sprays (such as Flonase, Nasonex or Veramyst) can be treated with. 

If the cause of snoring in children is the growth of tonsils, the condition also passes the snoring. It is recommended to see a doctor first. Before going to the doctor can be tried in the following methods.


Inflammatory properties of the honey; Helps to reduce swelling in the throat area which causes clogging of air ducts. Moreover; honey softens the throat, which prevents snoring vibrations. 1 tablespoon of honey into 1 cup of warm water. And eat at night before sleeping. You should consume it on a daily basis.

Sleep Position Replacement

If the child with snoring problems lies on his back; the possibility of snoring increases. In this case, changing the sleep position, so turning the child right side will help solve the problem.

Using Air Humidifier

If you are drying out in the air of your room, this may cause snoring in your children. Ventilate your room with various roads and regulate the moisture balance. You can use the steam engine in the child’s room for this.



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