Challenge the Negativity: Suggestions to Make You Feel Good

There have been times when we all felt bad from time to time. It is very normal for us to experience spiritual ups and downs due to both our private life and what is happening around us. In moments like this, it can be really difficult to stand up and move forward. So what can we do to feel better? Here are 18 steps that will make you feel better …

If you’re wondering what decisions you can make while challenging the negativity, we recommend that you check out our list of things to do to feel good!!

1.Start your day by packing your bed and taking a shower


Making a habit of doing a simple act of picking up a bed can greatly affect the mood for the rest of the day. If you tidy up your bed every morning when you wake up, you will be doing your first task of the day. This encourages you to carry out other tasks during the day. You woke up in the morning, collected your bed, but are you still sleepy? Take advantage of the invigorating effect of water by taking a shower. If you are too lazy to take a shower every morning, you can make morning tasks more enjoyable by creating a care routine for your skin after showering.

2. Drink a drink that identifies you every day


Whether it’s a foamy latte or herbal tea, there’s nothing better than starting the day with a drink that makes you feel special!

3.Remember that you are entitled to a nap.


You need to work but if you can’t focus due to tiredness, make sure to get some sleep. In such cases, a 30-minute sleep raises mental performance to the highest level.

4. Take a walk, albeit short.


Taking regular walks every day has many benefits, from strengthening cognitive functions to preventing chronic diseases. We are sure that this simple physical activity, which you do without any equipment, will increase your quality of life!

5. Don’t skip the first meal of the day


Especially those who go to work early in the morning often tend to skip the first meal of the day. However, this can lead to important problems such as fatigue, headache, weakness and attention deficit. If you want your energy to be high in the morning, you should definitely start the day with breakfast. Starting the day with a healthy meal not only increases your energy, it speeds up metabolism, increases work efficiency and opens the mind.

6.Take yourself 15-minute breaks during work.


With the Corona virus outbreak, many people started working from home. In this process, working and break hours have also exceeded a certain standard. Taking 15-minute breaks while working from home will help you renew your energy. You can maintain your work efficiency by taking short breaks when you are distracted or feel very bored.

7.Open the curtains every morning


We need sunlight for the body to synthesize vitamin D. Prolonging the time spent at home during the winter months can trigger mental problems such as seasonal depression or mood disorders. Even if you don’t go out, opening the curtains and taking advantage of sunlight is a very good strategy to increase your energy.

8.Pamper yourself


One to one to pamper yourself after a hard day and lower your stress level! Time to devote to yourself is a good way to freshen up while giving you motivation to achieve your other goals. You can take a short weekend trip, have a meal with your family, or feel better by taking time to do anything that will make you happy.

9. Compliment


Focusing on the positive aspects of the people around you and saying nice things to them will help you look at your own life positively. Whatever results your compliment has, it will make both you and the other person feel great.

10. Do not neglect to do house cleaning


Did you know that living in a clean place feels more positive? According to research, cleaning the area you live in at least twice a week has a positive effect on mental health.

11. Be flexible in your opinion


Flexibility is an important factor that makes daily life much easier. Flexible thinking allows you to look at problems from a different perspective and keeps the joy of living alive. In today’s world where everything is changing rapidly, having a fixed point of view can make things a little difficult. Of course, you will have a stand against life. Being flexible doesn’t mean you are out of control. The main purpose of keeping ideas flexible is to find quick solutions to problems and to open the door to happiness.

12. Remember that you have the right to watch TV series or movies.

to feel good

There is a common belief that watching television is a bad thing today. This belief may be true of those who spend most of their time in front of the television. However, watching a part of your favorite TV series after a productive day will make you very comfortable. TV series / movies that you will watch with your family or friends on certain days of the week also make you feel good about social interaction.

13. Grow indoor plants


Living plants add aesthetic value to your home or office and have a positive effect on your mental health. North American Journal of Psychology‘also in a published article; It was concluded that the plants grown at home reduce the stress level and increase the productivity during the day. According to this research; green, slightly scented and small in size are described as the most effective indoor plants.

14. Challenge negative thoughts

to feel good

Excessive anxiety and stress are among the biggest problems of our time. Sometimes negative situations we encounter, problems that occur in business or school life can prevent positive thinking. Of course, we cannot fix all problems overnight just by thinking positively. However, we can try to change perspective to feel good. Focus on the beauties you have rather than situations that create stress and anxiety.

15. Take at least five minutes to stretch your body.

to feel good

Regular stretching makes the muscles stronger and healthier. It reduces muscle pain, corrects posture disorders and most importantly calms the mind. For a healthy body and mind; Extend your arms towards the sky and hold your position for at least 5 minutes.

16. Watch the sunset outside if possible

to feel good

The riot of colors that occur during sunset is a source of peace for many people. Watching the sunset especially after a very tiring day will help you refresh your energy.

17. Be careful with choosing friends.

to feel good

Do the people you spend time with reduce your energy during the day? Is it impossible to feel good with them anymore? It seems a little difficult for you to be happy with friends who constantly make negative reviews, try to manipulate and are always pessimistic. If your friends are affecting you negatively, take a break from the meeting for a while.

18. Take a selfie

to feel good

Selfie, also known as selfie, has become a part of the daily routine in recent years. When you feel unhappy, share a photo of you on social media and remind yourself how awesome you are 😊

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