Charlize Theron cut her fans in half with her black hair

Charlize Theron, allegedly with Brad Pitt, was at Paris’s Gaumont Opera Capucines last night for the premiere of his new movie, Long Shot. Attending the premiere with a mini dress belonging to the Dior brand, the perfect make-up of Theron’s style attracted attention.
blank Theron, whose upper part is reminiscent of Gladiator armor, its sleeves with tulle dress, black stilettos and black hair, seems to have gotten used to its new image, but many of its fans cannot accept it.
blank However, Charlize has changed the image for her new movie to start shooting. It will probably return to its original state after shooting. But it is said that those who want to get back to their blond hair as soon as they get used to the new image, as well as those who like the new version, are said to put a lot of pressure on the player …


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