Children should not consume every fish, they risk their wrong nutrition future!


Experts warn! Attention! Children should not consume every fish! So why? Pediatric Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. We learned from Hande Namal Türkyılmaz.

Opening schools brings health problems with children. Child Health and Diseases Specialist Hande Namal Türkyılmaz emphasized the importance of balanced and proper nutrition to prevent possible health problems and focusing problems in children. Türkyılmaz said that if children do not use Omega 3 supplements with vitamin A and vitamin E additives, they may have serious problems with brain and eye development. Pediatric Health and Diseases Specialist, who stated that with the beginning of the new academic year, both the diseases increased and the problems of focusing appeared. Hande Namal Türkyılmaz said that brain and eye development in children has a major impact on focus.

Children should have restrictions on fish consumption

Hande Namal Türkyılmaz underlined that children should pay attention to their nutrition in order not to have a focus problem in the future, “Children should be balanced and properly fed. It should consume fish and meat two or three times a week, mainly with vegetables. ” said. Reminding that families generally have problems with children consuming fish, Türkyılmaz said, “Even if children eat fish without any problems, there are limitations in fish consumption as there is a danger of heavy metal in fish consumption. ”Explained.

Rising the future of malnutrition in children

Hande Namal Türkyılmaz, who warned that the farm fish should not be preferred for the health of children because they are fed with feed, said: “Therefore, children should consume surface fish or small saltwater fish. Fish such as anchovy, horse mackerel, mackerel, sardines can be preferred for children to consume. “He said.

Brain and eye development can cause focusing problems

Specialist Dr. Türkyılmaz, who emphasized that children’s brain and eye development is of great importance in focusing, said, “A child who has eye development problems and does not see the eyes well will not see the board clearly at school. For this reason, he will have a hard time looking at his book or notebook, and he will have trouble focusing. ”Recalled.

If you don’t want to have focus problem. . .

Stating that it is very important to use Omega 3 supplements in order to support brain and eye development in children and not to focus on future problems, Hande Namal Türkyılmaz said, “Omega 3 supplement food, especially vitamin A, has serious contributions to eye development. Because the vitamin A supplemented Omega 3 supplement food can directly contribute to the nervous system in the retina layer in the eye and prevent eye ailments such as lazy eye. “He said.

Things to consider when choosing omega 3 supplements

Stating that there are many Omega 3 supplements on the market, Türkyılmaz continued: “When choosing Omega 3 supplements, attention should be paid to the risk of heavy metals, where they are obtained from fish, fatty acid ratios and form. Fish oils from small surface fish should be preferred to avoid the risk of heavy metal. In addition, when looking at Omega 3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA are divided into two. We prefer the higher rate of DHA, which is more effective in brain and eye health, in Omega 3 supplement food, which is preferred in children, while the rate of EPA that supports heart and vascular health more should be preferred in adults. While Omega 3 is preferred, supplements containing Vitamin A and Vitamin E should be chosen. Apart from these, Omega 3 fortifying foods should be preferred in triglyceride form and heavy metal free feature. ”

Omega 3 support is very important for children after 1 year of age.

Omega 3 support is generally recommended for children directly after one year of age. In the selection of supplements, fish oil with a high DHA rate should be the reason for preference. However, since the development and health of the child is of great importance when choosing supplements, a physician should be consulted before use. “

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