Choose natural life for a healthy relationship

Couples living in big cities are unhappy. When they say busy work pace, traffic and stress, they cannot spare time for each other. People who are tired of the problems of the big city and decide to return to that natural life in their villages, have been trapped in city life for years, when it comes to the education of their children and more jobs. This situation brings with it many sexual problems, leading the couples to divorce. İstinye University Hospital Medical Park Gaziosmanpaşa Urology Specialist, who makes suggestions for a good sex life. Dr. Talat Yurdakul said that it may be beneficial for couples to escape from the big city to a more organic life whenever possible.


Sexuality is a 24-hour phenomenon including sleep. Happy times, a relevant partner against you is a must. Today, life style in big cities also restricts our sexual life. Long hours spent in traffic, fatigue, concerns about our business and perhaps our partners living in the same conditions are also affected by this situation.


Couples living in today’s big cities are increasingly allocating less time to their togetherness. Thanks to mobile communication tools and the internet, socializing with mobile phones or tablets has become an important part of our lives, sometimes in order to adapt to the majority. This significantly reduced the time the couples spent more together. This way of life leads to a decrease in sexual desire, more in middle age in men and women.


Go to organic holidays

Just as we take care of our physical health in this way of life, if we are eating healthy and exercising, we should also strive for the continuation of our sexual life. In today’s lifestyle, where office exercises are produced for our general health, we should contact our partner without waiting for stimuli to always happen. Even if we are not physically in the same environment with him, we must strive to create special times and activities that we can plan together.


Important formulas for a good sex life

– Spend time with your partner

– Stay away from some technology, go to places where there is organic-natural life, and holidays if you have a village.

Alcohol and smoking reduce blood flow to the genitals. Quit smoking to experience a quality sexuality. If you are a woman, take care not to drink more than two glasses of alcohol a day.

– Good performance in sexuality is not determined by time. Therefore, do not set yourself physical and psychological abrasive goals.

– The changes created in your body for years and the ideal image obsession can damage your self-esteem and distract you from sexuality. But keep in mind that mental and spiritual attraction is just as important as physical attraction.

– When you have sexual problems, do not hesitate to share it with your partner.

Stress; It paves the way for many sexual problems such as sexual reluctance. If you feel tense, get help from a stress management specialist.

– Some health problems such as high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, hormonal imbalances and depression can cause erection problems in men, and many sexual diseases, especially in women, orgasm and arousal problems.

– Many situations such as emotional state, communication with your partner, stress, insomnia affect your sexual performance. Disregard one-time failure. If your problem persists, contact a specialist.

– Do not seek space and suitable conditions in sexuality. Be open to mutual requests that evolve.

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