Choosing Sunglasses for Children

When choosing sunglasses for kids points to be considered are:

  • Selected sunglasses glasses should be considered for UVA and UVB protection. It writes what kind of glass is on the glasses labels, glasses should be taken by looking at this.
  • Does not reduce the ability of the child to see and rays of the sun to make it more difficult to filter; dark glass should not be preferred.
  • Being exposed to the light glass when it is moved, if the fluctuations on its surface are not intense, it is glass quality. With this method, quality glass should be selected and removed.
  • Considering that the child may fall down while wearing glasses, a shockproof glass should be preferred.
  • Glasses should not disturb the child as a material and should be light. Therefore, glasses made of polycarbonate are generally preferred.
  • When the child wears the sunglasses, sunglasses that fit on the face should be preferred so that they do not get disturbed by the sun rays entering from the edge or the top.


What is the Best Age for Sunglasses?

Children between 10: 00-16: 00 sun should not be exposed. The hat is not effective alone to protect them from the sun. They should also wear sunglasses. The ideal age for using sunglasses; It is 2 years old and after. Depending on the child’s physical development and eye health, this can go up to 3-4 years.

Should Children Wear Sunglasses Only in Summer?

Children should wear sunglasses whenever the sun’s rays spread. It doesn’t have any season.

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