Continuous desire to eat, is it a sign of disease?

Eating constantly is one of the most serious and common diseases of the modern world. Excessive and unhealthy eating may occur due to emotional reasons, and this need arises because unhealthy and hormonal foods do not fully meet the nutrients that the body needs. The medical name of the overeating disease leading up to obesity is polyphagia. polyphagia is a frequent and excessive eating disorder. Polipalgia, which manifests itself especially by feeling constantly hungry and never saturated, occurs for various reasons.


What Causes Continuous Eating Requests?

Reasons for constant desire to eat is quite different. Emotional reasons underlie the habit of overeating. In addition to this, a vicious circle like asking for food is entered as the habit of constantly eating physically blinds the brain’s feelings of satiety. Feeling hungry all the time is one of the most negative and health-poor situations. Overeating obesity may occur. In addition, conditions such as shortness of breath and excess weight may occur due to constant eating.


How is Continuous Eating Request Treatment?

Continuous eating cravings treatment

Awareness should be raised for first. It is very important to give up eating fast and briskly. Excessive stress leads to unnecessary eating. For this reason, methods of coping with stress should be developed, and optimally coping with stress should be avoided from overeating. In addition, quitting smoking or drinking habits such as alcohol may lead to the need to eat more. It is very important to get expert and professional help in such cases. It is one of the problems that can occur in people of all ages, as it can be seen during periods of hormonal changes, such as pregnancy, when he wants to overeat. Lifestyle changes and awareness will be the biggest supporter at this point. If eating can not be prevented by personal precautions and measures, it may be necessary to start a medical treatment in order to get support from experts and to prevent eating at this point.

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