Crawling, Walking, Running and Jumping Periods in Infants

Crawling periods of babies, every stage of the process between crazy fun, jumping and jumping is quite fun. After the first step expected with love, enthusiasm and excitement, running and playing games are one of the most beautiful views in the world.

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  • Crawling, Walking, Running And Jumping Periods In Infants
    • First Steps and Running Steps
    • Crawling in Infants
    • Walking in Babies

Crawling, Walking, Running And Jumping Periods In Infants

Babies start walking takes place over 18 months. First sitting position, then kneeling, crawling, foal stopping and walking are the most special moments of development processes.


First Steps and Running Steps

Crawling and walking periods, parents should be careful, support, but not pressured. They should not be forced and tired to walk constantly.

Walkers with the old name of the spider with the old name, babies walking

It is one of the most basic equipment for . But they should not be left on the walker for long hours, this can be inconvenient for the development of babies.

Infants make their first movements towards crawling by turning their heads in the right and left directions while they cannot yet crawl in the first months. With the development of the neck muscles, it is provided to keep the head upright and sit.

It can turn right and left direction in 3-5 period, can sit with support. Starting from 6 months, he starts to sit and do various movements.


Crawling in Infants

They begin to crawl between 6 and 9 months, with the development of the spine sufficient. This process is a spontaneous process.

Each baby is different and can be crawled forward or backward. Some babies start to walk directly without going through the crawling process. It is a process in which the physical development and characteristic features of children are determined.

9 months old babies provides self-lifting, standing and moving movement.


Walking in Babies

Developing in 11- 18 months periods walking period requires 12 months to be fully delivered. Small steps or fast running steps, walking at short distances, walking by the hands of adults are developed in this process.

It is an important step for babies to fall frequently when they start walking and to stand up, to complete their character, psychological and physical development, and to be strong.

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