Curious Child and Mother: Koran

Animations were made with a simple expression that would attract children’s attention in a poetic language. The ninth animation of the series describes the importance of the Qur’an in the Qur’an.


The book “Amentus of Islam – Mother with a Curious Child”, written by Mahmut Kaya, which came from the opening of the prayer prayer, was prepared as an animation.

There are 14 poetic expressions in the book of “Amentus of Islam” in which the belief in Allah, angels, books, prophets, fate, goodness and evil comes from Allah, which are the principles of Islam. Professor Dr. The animation adaptation of the book written by Mahmut Kaya was realized by Kanal 7 Digital Media unit. All the animations are on Kanal7 Children’s pages on Youtube and www. izle7. can be watched from com.

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