Cut 2 products to lose 2 kilos in 2 weeks

Nutritionists rarely disagree but our common opinion is; the less processed a food, the better for us. Whole foods (those in their most natural form, such as fish, chicken, fruits and vegetables) keep all nutrients intact and do not contain sugar, sodium or additives for color or taste. This is the difference between potatoes and potato chips.

So it’s no surprise that a recent study has revealed that ultra-processed foods are a huge factor in weight gain. But processing can mean anything, from milled grains to flour, to those infamous pieces used in industrial meat products.

Is it bad news? More than half of the calories in our average diet come from ultra-processed foods. And since these foods are specially formulated to appeal to our flavor buds, they are easy to overeat.

Research shows that people who eat ultra-processed food consume 508 calories more than people who eat unprocessed ones. This means a two-pound increase in just two weeks.

If you don’t want your morale to be disturbed the next time you are on the scales, here are 5 foods that will come out of your shopping list.

Packaged breads, cakes

Many trademarks use things like calcium propionate and sorbic acid to prolong their shelf life. We cannot necessarily say that these chemicals are harmful, but they are not necessary. Can’t you live without bread? Look for bread with a short ingredient list that shows it is less processed. With the fiber content it contains, aim to buy a bread with more fiber (3 g or more per slice) as it can help weaken.

Breakfast cereal

The nutrition label of breakfast cereals may look impressive with all the added vitamins and minerals, but these are supplemented, that is, added later. If you don’t eat whole grains, you won’t get all the potential benefits. Also, most cereals contain tons of additional sugar.

Pre-prepared burgers

Sorry, it may taste good, but not very healthy. You can control the fat and sodium content much better while purchasing minced meat and making your own meatballs. And don’t be fooled by the ‘healthy’ labels, veggie and soy burgers can also fall into this category. Find out if there are vegetables, cereals or legumes in the ingredients list first, not soy protein isolate.

Instant soups

Sorry for popping your balloon, you love instant soups, but all kinds of chemicals are included in these flavor packs. And it’s hard to have a good idea of ​​exactly what you eat when real ingredients are hidden behind the definition of ‘natural flavors’ like a veil. The research surrounding instant soups is controversial, but there is a lot of evidence that some people are sensitive to it.

Flavored yogurts

Yogurt was supposed to be very healthy, but what about chocolate cake and lemon pie flavors? If it tastes like dessert, it’s no longer a yogurt, it’s a dessert. Companies add tons of sugar or artificial sweeteners to achieve these flavors, as well as things like corn starch as thickeners. The healthiest way to eat flavored yogurt; taking a normal yogurt and adding its own ingredients: fresh fruit, granola, honey.

Finally. . .

Remember that tons of diet mentality marketed on the internet is a bad idea. Unhealthy diets will never work in the long run.

Your goal is always a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

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