Daily Skin Care Tips and Advice

Daily skin care You should use products that are suitable for your skin type, designed for your peers and offer solutions for your skin problems, if any.

Ladies who make up every day should be careful and meticulous while cleaning their skin in the evening. During the cleaning phase, you should make sure that there is not a single part of makeup on your skin. Although it is unnecessary to say this, let’s not go without saying it. Always carry lip protectors in your bag and keep your lips moisturized whenever you need them. Never wet your lips as this increases the risk of dryness. During skin cleansing, avoid movements that will irritate your skin.

How to Make Daily Skin Care

As we all know mineral water in daily skin care It has become a life friend of all women. During the preparations to start the day, you can have a more refreshing day by wiping your skin with mineral water with the help of cotton. When you return to your warm home in the evening, after cleansing your make-up, if you wipe your skin with mineral water with the help of a cotton ball, the cleaning will be completely finished. In the meantime, mineral water will soften your skin and have a relaxing effect.

  • Daily skin care for dry skin

Wash your face with cold water every morning and if you are a woman who wears makeup, take care of your cleanliness. You can wipe your skin with rose water before applying makeup in the morning. If you do not wear makeup, it will be useful to wash your skin with a moisturizing soap before going to bed at night.

Pamper your face with moisturizers prepared for dry skin in the mornings and evenings.

Protect yourself from the sun in all seasons by taking separate and meticulous care in the summer.

  • Daily skin care for oily skin

Moisturize your skin every morning and evening with moisturizing creams separated by the label made for oily skin. Do not increase the action of washing your face during the day. This causes your skin to produce more oil. And no woman wants the oil content of her skin to be noticed by people.

Please do not fall into the heedlessness of “Oh, my skin is oily, I don’t need to use moisturizer”. In such cases, you should pay attention to the low oil content of the moisturizer you will use. Apply the moisturizer that you have taken into account with this feature, twice a day. And don’t forget to protect from the sun. You know the sun is not very fair. Although women with dark skin tones are more profitable in terms of sun sensitivity, everyone should take precautions to protect them from the burning rays of the sun. This is the sun; dry skin leaves oily skin without looking harm.

Finally, I leave here a recipe for skin care masks for dry and oily skin. By understanding your skin, you can make the care you want easier. Be careful not to use the wrong care products.

Healthy days.

Skin Care Mask For Dry Skin

Ingredients: 1 banana / 1 tablespoon milk / 1 teaspoon honey

Mix the banana with the other ingredients given, crushing the negative events you experienced all day long. Apply the resulting puree to your skin. After a 15-minute rest period, clean the mask with warm water. This mask renews your skin and increases its elasticity.

This mask renews the skin and increases its elasticity, bringing the skin cells to gas and causing them to work more actively. It is appropriate to apply once a week.

Skin Care Mask For Oily Skin

Ingredients: 2 lemon peels, 2 tablespoons of water

Put the softened lemon peels in water for three minutes and turn them into a puree with a robot. Before spreading the mask on your skin, clean it with a soap produced for oily skin. Spread the mask on your face with a cotton ball, avoiding the eye area. After waiting for 15 minutes, you can wash your skin with lukewarm water. After this process, you can also use moisturizers produced for oily skin.

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