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Damage of the Hurman and What are the Benefits of Medina?

Damage of the Hurman and What are the Benefits of Medina?

In addition to being a delicious food, Palm is an incredibly useful food in terms of health. It contains a high percentage of iron. And also; potassium, protein, fiber, calcium, B, C and vitamin A source. In this article, we will talk about the health benefits and harms of palm and medina.

Preserves Heart and Vein Health

Palm, cardiovascular health is a very useful food. The reason for this is the antihyperlipidemic effect. The small amount of sodium and high potassium in it regulate the heart rate and keep the blood pressure under control. It also reduces the risk of potassium, stroke and heart-based diseases.

  1. In addition, the magnesium content ensures good functioning of the heart and reduces the risk of stroke.
  2. In order to reduce the risk of heart disease, you should consume the palm on a daily basis.

Pass Anemia (Anemia)

Iron deficiency is one of the most common causes of low blood hemoglobin levels, which causes anemia. Iron content found in the scrap increases the production of hemoglobin and is good for anemia. In addition, C vitami contained in the body plays an important role in the absorption of iron.

The normal level of iron in the body eliminates the situations experienced in anemic people, such as the feeling of weakness. Continue to consume palm each day to avoid anemia or prevent anemia.

  1. With a few dates, drink a glass of milk 2 times a day.
  2. Alternatively, add 1 tablespoon of crushed dates to the milk and boil. Consume daily.

Good Income for Bone Health

Date; It is rich in zinc, magnesium, selenium and manganese which is important for bone health and prevents bone related diseases. Date; K is also very rich in vitamin K that is involved in blood clotting, which protects bones from this aspect.

According to a report from North Dakota State University, the palm also contains boron, which is healthy for the bone.

Passes Indigestion

Laxatives in the content of the scrap, ie laxatives, are very effective in relieving indigestion. Its high content of soluble fiber enhances bowel movement, allowing nutrients to easily pass through the digestive tract.

  1. 3-4 one core in the core of the core of the extract of the night.
  2. On the next morning, drink the jasmine juice on an empty stomach. Then eat the dates.

Revives Sexual Life

Studies have shown that palm is very useful in increasing sexual power. Soak a handful of dates in goat’s milk one night. Then use cinnamon and add some honey. This mixture is quite effective for sexual power and prevents diseases of sexual origin.

Helps to Operate Nervous System

Various B vitamins found in the scrap are also very useful for the nervous system health. A healthy sinis system sends a positive signal to all parts of the body. The rich potassium content in the jungle also regulates a healthy nervous system, increasing sleep and brain wakefulness . In addition, the antioxidants found in the palm increase the cognitive function by fighting free radicals. For the brain and nervous system to work well, you should consume a few dates daily.


For a fast energy source, palm is a good option. Rich in natural sugars such as glucose, fructose and sucrose, it instantly gives energy and stimulates the body when you need it.

Moreover, there are potassium minerals in the palm, which is a mineral that the body needs to convert the sugar into energy.

  1. You can keep crushed dates into your morning cereal and keep fit throughout the day.
  2. When you feel lethargic or sluggish, consume a few persimmon to snack in the afternoon.

Reduces Joint Inflammation

The palm has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can help prevent pain and alleviate inflammation in the joints. In addition, magnesium and potassium content help maintain bone strength and reduce the risk of arthritis. To reduce inflammation associated with arthritis, apply warm palm oil 2 or 3 times daily to the affected area. Also, consume a handful of palm on a daily basis.

Useful for Pregnant Women

Palm contains many effective nutrients that are useful during pregnancy for both mother and unborn baby. As mentioned earlier, it also relieves constipation which is a frequent problem during pregnancy.

They also help strengthen the muscles of the uterus and facilitate delivery. According to a study published in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology in 2011, palm consumption during pregnancy reduces the need for induction and growth of labor.

  1. Eat 6 to 8 dates daily as a healthy snack.
  2. You can boil the milk with crushed dates and consume 1 or 2 times a day.

What are the harms of scrap?

  1. Palm is a high-calorie food. When consumed a large amount of weight in a short time to gain weight.
  2. Because palm contains high sugar, it is not a fruit suitable for diabetes patients.
  3. It may cause allergies in some people and may cause itching and redness in the skin.
  4. Hyperkalemia is an excessively high level of potassium in the blood. Palm is a rich source of potassium, too much consumption of this may lead to the situation. So, if your potassium levels are high, limit palm consumption.
  5. Since palm fiber is a high nutrient, excess consumption can cause stomach pain and diarrhea.

Nutritional Values

100 grams of palm nutritional values ​​are listed below:

  1. Calories: 277
  2. Carbohydrate: 75 grams
  3. Fiber: 7 grams
  4. Protein: 2 grams
  5. Potassium: 20% of daily need
  6. Magnesium: 14% of daily need
  7. Copper: 18% of daily need
  8. Manganese: 15% of daily need
  9. Iron: 5% of daily requirement
  10. Vitamin B6: 12% of daily need

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