Demet Akalın was not on stage with his concert outfit, as if it were playing

Famous singer Demet Akalın took the stage the summer concert of a shopping center the other day. Akalın, who sang songs from his new album ‘Ateş’, said that the album did not sell, that he was on the charts in European countries, and that he will shoot the second clip soon.


Demet Akalın


Demet Akalın, as always, drew attention to my stage costume. Akalın, who came to the stage with a two-piece suit belonging to the Adidas brand, did not lose the crown of ruckle again to anyone. Yes, it may be preferred on the stage due to the shining stones on the two-piece suit, but I wish he did not draw an image as if he was wearing a sports shoe.


Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner, Zendaya

If you remember, last year Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin and Zendaya wore the brand’s suits with high heels and appeared on the streets, they were very stupid at first, but they got a very stylish look with the right combination.
blank Tracksuits belonging to the 1990s will also appear in the summer of 2019. You can easily wear these suits that will be combined with crop top in street style with high heels at night. But please be a little bit more attentive when going to a special night or going on stage so that the image of ‘I was going to the grocery store’ was a stop-by-the-door …

I said ‘I will beat you’ to IREM

Demet Akalın, who celebrated his birthday with his friends the day before the concert, was asked İrem Derici, who came to his party. “He followed me on social media and then sent a nice message saying“ I will not break you willingly ”… I also sent a message saying“ I will beat you beautifully ”but of course nothing happened… We hugged when we saw İrem” A surprise celebration was held on the stage…


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