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Dental abscess unknown

Dental abscess unknown

There are points that should be considered in the toothache that causes us to spend days in pain and awaken from sleep at night. We have investigated these important points for you. Here are the health problems that cause toothache ..

Dental- induced abscesses consist of poor oral and dental care, gum disease and advanced caries. If you don’t care, it also reproduces from the apical tooth and the whole body spreads rapidly. It affects the overall body health by weakening the immune system of bacteria. This may cause many diseases. 


The abscess is first manifested by swelling, redness and sometimes unbearable pain in the mouth. When these symptoms are seen, a medical intervention should be taken to a dentist. Because if not treated by a dentist, this inflammation proceeds to the deep tissues, spreading to the surrounding tissues and to the jawbone. This situation, together with severe pain, causes difficulty in swallowing and breathing, and causes the growth of the sublingual lymph nodes and weakness. However, neglected dental tooth, as well as tooth loss, the change in the values ​​of the person’s blood table by affecting the systematic disturbances that can not be compensated; can also lead to serious dysfunction in the heart, liver and kidneys.


There are 2 important considerations in the treatment of abscesses.

First; the abscess is the intervention of the physician, not the person himself. Because the dentist will determine the cause of the inflammation will make the necessary intervention. Although the person’s apical dental intervention (detonation of the abscess) to give results against, but in later times will cause recurrence of inflammation.

The second important point is; The drug is the treatment of his medicine with the earliest information from the person’s ear. Without knowing the amount and dosage of the person and without consulting the physician, the drug treatment will only bring harm to the person. For this reason, the prescribed prescription must be taken into consideration.


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