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Do Baby Bucket Ear Bands Work?

Do Baby Bucket Ear Bands Work?

Scoop Ear In The Doctor Tells Without A Surgery And Operation How The Doctor Tells

Prominent ear is called deformity in the ears caused by the inability of the cartilage in the ears to develop sufficiently. This condition can be seen at any age, including infants. The prominent ear develops in familial form, that is, it is genetic.

Prominent ear is a major problem that negatively affects the psychology and relationships of girls and boys who go to school. Making fun of her friends can lead to the child’s introversion, selflessness and failure. Therefore, children with prominent ear problems need to be corrected before they reach school age.


How Old Can A Baby Ear Ear Surgery Be Performed? Associate Professor. Yavuz Selim Yıldırım Answering

Ear development ends at the age of 6. Prominent ear surgery can be performed in children older than 6 years. This procedure, which takes an average of 1 hour, is applied under general anesthesia or local anesthesia. This surgery behind the ear leaves no marks. It is performed by using sewing threads that are not melting and not obvious from the outside. Thus, the ear is prevented from returning to its former state after the operation.

Can the Ears in the Babies Improve with Scoop Ear Headband?

Prominent ear is an aesthetic problem that should be considered. Ear Nose Throat Specialist Asst. Assoc. Dr. Ahmet Altıntaş’s explanations about the subject are as follows:

If you do not want your child to have a ‘scoop ear ‘ in the future, you should seek help from a specialist. The prominent ear problem is not known in our society. If you understand that this is happening in your newborn baby, you can fix it without wrapping and using a special bandage method. ”

On the other hand; ” The deformities in the ear are often caused by genetic factors.” Saying Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist Opr. Dr. Zekeriya Kul said:

“If the ear cartilage is weak, the ear folds cannot form properly. This causes the ear to hang forward and sideways.”

How to treat a prominent ear in babies? answering the question Opr. Dr. Zekeriya Kul said that the ear band could be used for this and continued his words as follows:

“If the parent determines that the child has a prominent ear, he should take him to a specialist 2-3 weeks after the birth. Upon the doctor’s approval, the baby’s ear starts to apply an elastic bandage. This treatment continues for a few months. It works mostly. The child does not need to have surgery. The development of the cartilage of children is completed at the age of 6. If it is to be operated, it is expected to reach the age of 6. ”

Scoop in infants Ear How to Fix Without Surgery? Dr. Oytun İdil Tells

Ear cartilage of newborn babies is soft due to the estrogen hormone passed from mother to baby. (Cartilage tissues get a soft consistency with the effect of this hormone.) That’s why it is possible to shape the baby’s ear in the first days after birth. The effect of the estrogen hormone will decrease in 1-2 weeks and the cartilage of the ear will begin to harden. This structural defect in the ears can be eliminated by using suitable splints or bandages within the first week. However, since the baby’s ears are very thin in this period, splint or bandage you will apply may damage the ears. On the other hand, this splintt or bandage bothers the baby. Splint application may irritate the baby’s gentle ear and cause injury. Or baby can take the bandages out of the mouth and chew. Care should be taken when using these splints. The splint application started in the first week should be continued for 2 weeks. This treatment should be continued for 1 month if it was started in the next weeks rather than in the first week.

How to Treat Scoop Ear in Infants?

Prominent ear problem can negatively affect children’s psychology. This does not pose any health risks, but is aesthetically disturbing. If the prominent ear problem is not corrected, the child may lose self-confidence, isolate himself from the society, fail in lessons, and briefly his quality of life may deteriorate.

The softness of the ear cartilage continues until the baby is 6 months old. During this period, a splint can be worn and shaped. Taping or bandaging your ear is a method used in the past, but it is still preferred today. Indeed, there are splints specially designed to correct this problem. Putting a splint on the ears of babies younger than 6 months is very useful in solving this problem.



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