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Do I Take Weight If I Take Cherry Weight, I Lose Cherry?

Do I Take Weight If I Take Cherry Weight, I Lose Cherry?

Cherry is a wonderful fruit full of antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free radicals in the body, prevents heart disease and cancer. Cherries also help you lose weight when you are not consumed as part of a low-calorie meal plan.

It is a fruit with a high fiber ratio, thanks to this feature, it keeps you satiated for a long time and prevents unnecessary calorie intake.

Cherry A, C, K vitamins and Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, such as minerals.

Cherry’s calories are low

USDA (according to the US Department of Agriculture) contains about 5 calories in a cherry. USDA also reports that there are 97 calories in 1 cup of cherry seedless. Even though cherries are not from high calorie foods, the amount of calories in other fruits is less than cherries. For example, 1 cup cantaloupe 53 calories, 1 cup sliced ​​apple 57 calories, 1 cup sliced ​​strawberries contain 53 calories.

Low glycemic index of cherry

Glycemic index is a numerical scale that measures the potential impact of foods or beverages on blood sugar. The glycemic index of cherry is 22, which is very low. Professor Dr. Metin Özata reports that foods with a low glycemic index have a lower and lower blood sugar level, which is very useful for slimming.

Cherry weakens?

Cherry toast

According to an article published in the 2009 Nutrition Reviews magazine, fiber-rich diets facilitate weight loss, especially in obese people. If you are trying to lose weight, try to increase the rate of fiber in your diet. The fiber is a type of carbohydrate that the body digests slowly. The fiber takes a long time to digest, absorbs excess water while moving through the digestive tract.1 cups of seedless cherry, 3 g. contains fiber. Daily need of fiber is 25 gr. In women and 35 gr in men. When it is considered that cherries contain a good amount of fiber.

Cherry removes constipation

More than 75 percent of the cherry consists of water. Foods with a high water content are full of restraint and prevent fast food and prevent unnecessary calorie intake. Hazelnut removes constipation and prevents calories from turning into fat.

Dietitian and Nutrition Expert Tuba Turkut gives information about Kiraz;
1 tea cup (100gr) is 63 calories.
12 – 15 cherries can be consumed for 1 portion of fruit.


  1. Vitamin A is rich in potassium and fiber and has an antioxidant property.
  2. Thanks to the fiber content, it is good for constipation.
  3. It strengthens the nerves with phosphorus in the content and gives calmness.
  4. It’s a diuretic.
  5. In the cherry, phenol-containing substances reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.


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