Do not be in health while preparing for summer vacation

Explaining that the Mediterranean Diet is the healthiest and easiest diet of 2019, Özcan said, “80 percent of the weight lost with most diets is taken back. Calorie restriction must be regulated by a specialist and supported by exercise” said.


Summer vacation plans have started. While counting the days for the sea, sand and sun trio, the diets that provide the results in the shortest time are investigated. Many diets tried do not give the desired result. Stating that the basis of many diseases is wrong diets, unhealthy foods and low-mobility lifestyle, Beykoz University Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Res. See. Dietician Fatma Özsel Özcan said that today there are more than 1,000 types of diets.


The healthiest Mediterranean Diet

Dietician Özcan explaining that the feeding habits and lifestyles of long-lived communities have been examined for years, “The ‘Okinowa’ Diet created by Japan with over 100 years old people’s long life philosophies ‘Ikigai’, the Nordic Diet reflecting the cold Scandinavian culture, vegetarian 7th day adventitis, the Baltic Sea Diet, the Dash Diet with salt restriction are considered healthy all over the world Among the popular diets, however, it has been in competition with Dash Diet for years.

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