Do not bypass vaginismus (procrastination disease) treatment methods in women!


One of the situations that sometimes becomes a problem in couples’ sexual intercourse is vaginismus. It is known as vaginismus (procrastination disease), which has become the fearful dream of many women. However, gynecologist, sexual therapist, gynecologist and obstetrician op. Dr. Esra Demir Yüzer gave important information about her vaginismus and treatment.

Vaginismus is a disease that can be treated but harms marriage when it is not treated. Vaginismus is a problem that the woman barely collects her courage to come to treatment. In this state, vaginismus ” procrastination disease ‘.

Vaginismus is the relationship becomes impossible or painful due to the contraction of the pelvic floor (lower sole) muscles, that is, the muscles surrounding the vagina, and the vaginal entrance is narrowed.

Vaginismus is not a disease. Vaginismus is a sexual adjustment problem. It is a result of the unconscious problems. Vaginismus is a sexual phobia problem. Exaggerated and bad sexual stories experienced in the past or heard from others cause the development of this phobia. Vaginismus is an unconscious anxiety disorder that develops as a result of wrong teachings from childhood, which is more common in closed societies. Although very rare, it can also be caused by congenital or subsequent problems in the vagina.


Known as First Night Fear

In some societies there are some teachings that have been taught behaviorally and emotionally to girls since childhood, which can cause vaginismus when they grow up. These are the elements that should not be touched, the legs should be kept closed and so on. Vaginismus is the first night of fear. Fear of the first night occurs when women share their bad sexual experiences before getting married.

The woman raises this fear in her mind so much that she cannot live sexual intercourse due to her involuntary vaginal and body contractions, despite her desire with her husband. Vaginismus is also seen in women who love their wives. These women enjoy making love, their sexual desire is fine. However, sexual intercourse does not occur due to the contractions that the penis does not even notice when entering the vagina.

These contractions may be in the legs, buttocks, arms, or only the lower floor muscles in some women that cannot open their legs. In women with contraction only in the lower floor muscles, the tip of the penis enters the vagina but cannot advance. Couples say this situation ” there is a wall, hitting the wall, not possible not progress ”. There are many women who get pregnant in this way, who have vaginismus problems.

Vaginismus is a problem that the woman barely collects her courage to come to treatment. In this state, vaginismus is also called “postponement disease”. The woman always has an excuse not to come to treatment. However, vaginismus treatment is a 100% problem. All it takes is the woman to trust herself and her sexual therapist.

Vaginismus treatment is generally a very comfortable and simple process and is performed in accordance with the patient’s troubles. One of the most challenging processes of patients with vaginismus is what they will encounter in treatment and what they are afraid of doing will be asked.

In particular, examination, finger exercises become more a nightmare than vaginismus patients’ relationship. Vaginismus treatment is a process based on a person’s ability to manage his anxiety and fears, to think healthily, to see and live the facts. The treatment plan is arranged according to the patient’s identity and personality structure. While some patients overcome their problems only with information, some patients may need to go down to their mother, father and childhood relationships. Behavioral exercises and suggestions are beneficial in some patients. Some patients can be combined with treatment methods that include any system we call combinations. As a result, the treatment method to be chosen is selected appropriately for the patient and the things that the patient has trouble, discomfort and fear of doing are not desired. Completely taught the ability to control their emotions.

A Professional Support is a Must!

It should not be forgotten; sexuality should not be a situation that should be postponed or avoided in marriage. If vaginismus is not treated, it can become a big problem that may even cause marriages to end. It should be noted that divorce is not a solution in vaginismus. The problem of vaginismus will continue in sexual intercourse with a different man. Therefore, it is necessary to get professional help.

even from abroad, even by us from every corner of Turkey, we treated our thousands of patients. There are cases when there are patients who complete their treatment in 1 hour, sometimes in 1 day and sometimes in 3 days.

The common saying of women after vaginismus treatment: ” I wish I had come before. ” I wish treatment should not be postponed to avoid saying that.

Do not forget that without delay, you can get rid of this disease in a short time with the right specialist at the right center. In this way, you can continue your marriage happily, not materially and spiritually.

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