Does barbecue cause cancer? What are the ways to have a healthy barbecue?

Did you know that the barbecue, which is part of our culture, actually causes serious health problems when not done in the right ways? So what are the ways to have a healthy barbecue? Does barbecue cause cancer? We have researched ways to make manga healthy, which is the most enjoyable activity of summer. In the details of the news, you can find the curious about the manga.

Experts made statements about the mistakes made in the barbecue activity, which is an indispensable picnic season that started with the spring months, negatively affect human health. Coal contains carcinogenic substances. These cancer-causing substances, along with fire and smoke, are likely to infect food on the grill. However, the fact that coal fire is in the form of ember reduces the risk of cancer. When precautions are not taken while barbecue, experts; stresses that serious conditions such as cancer, problems in the immune system, respiratory diseases, decreased fluid in the body and infertility may occur.



In researches, foods cooked over high fever cause cancer. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon is caused by ignition of coal. This substance passes to cooked meat or vegetables by fire. In addition, the meat or vegetables cooked suddenly remain raw. This causes the emergence of a meat-eating bacterium, a virus called necrotizing fasciitis. Half cooked vegetables lose vitamins and minerals. These two conditions, which seriously affect the body health, cause the cells to mutate.



Meat should not be cooked over high heat. With this cooking method, the meat is not cooked and this causes you to eat raw meat. In addition, when meat is thrown into high fever, the substances that cause cancer risk increase the chance of contamination. The ideal method of cooking meat is to cook it slowly over low heat.

The grill on which the meat or vegetable will cook must be pre-oiled. Thus, meat and vegetables easily cook without sticking.


Meats intended to be cooked should be cut smaller or thinner. Otherwise, the meat will not be cooked and will result in meat-eating bacteria. This causes serious health problems in bacteria.

The best way to disinfect barbecue fire is onion. The most important trick when doing a barbecue is that the barbecue is clean. It is more useful to use wood fire while making barbecue. Meat should not be placed on the grill before the fire is ember.


Another consideration is that the cooked meat is placed in a clean container. The fact that cooked meat and uncooked meat are in the same bowl will cause bacteria in cooked meat to switch to uncooked meat and the person consuming the meat will be poisoned.

People who usually have a barbecue choose fatty meat. However, this increases the risk of stomach cancer. When the oil dripping from meat falls on fire, it turns into cancer toxins. Even in chicken barbecue, the skin of the chicken should be taken and put on the grill.

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