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Does Biotin Extract Beard?

Does Biotin Extract Beard?

Biotin, also known as vitamin H, is part of the B-complex vitamins. Although Biotin was discovered in 1927, it was seen as a vitamin type in 1967 and researches were started. All types of vitamin B are effective in converting macronutrients into calories. Thus, they convert carbohydrates, proteins and fats into the energy that your body can use. In particular, biotin plays an important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. Biotine also has hair, beard, nail and hair on the body. Experience is also fixed that people who take regular biotin, hair, beard and mustache extends more quickly, is getting harder.

The role of biotine in beard growth

Biotin is a vitamin in both food and specially sold Biotin pills. The role of this vitamin in hair, beard and mustache elongation is due to its important effect on cell proliferation. When we take biotin pills or eat biotinylated foods, the biotin vitamin reacts with cell enzymes and plays an important role in the production of amino acids, the building blocks of the protein. Beards are composed of keratin, a type of protein. Therefore, biotin-containing foods and biotin pills are directly related to the (Leave empty)emergence of the beard(Leave empty) .

What is the price of Biotin pill, where to buy?

Dermatologists recommend taking a dose of 2500 mcg (2.5 mg) of biotin pills a day to get the best out of the beard. However, you should consult the doctor about how many mg you should use, never take medication without consulting a doctor. You can buy Biotin Pill from pharmacies and trusted websites. The price of Solgar brand 5000 mcg biotin is 57,50 TL.

What foods do biotin have?

Eggs, chicken livers, peanuts, almonds, kidney beans, milk, scallops, soy, potatoes, nuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, veal gras

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