Does Kombucha Weaken Tea?

Kombucha Tea Does it weaken? Known as the “Eternal Potion of Life” by the Chinese, Kombucha tea was found in the Far East nearly 2000 years ago and is a beverage with tremendous health benefits.

Kombu tea

Also known as , Kombucha tea has become very popular especially in America and has been consuming this tea every day instead of carbonated drinks for many human health. The bottle can be found in many markets between 3-4 dollars abroad, but it can be produced and drunk at home in our country.

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  • Will Kombucha Weaken Tea?
  • 7 Benefits of Kombucha Tea
    • Creates a detox effect
    • Facilitates digestion
    • Metabolism speeds up and increases our energy
    • Strengthens immunity
    • Reduces skin wrinkles
    • Prevents cancer
    • Lose weight
  • How to prepare Kombucha tea?

Does Kombucha Weaken Tea?

Kombucha is actually a tea mushroom and it is fermented with black tea and sugar and converted into a beverage. Although it is usually made with black tea, it can also be made with other different teas such as green tea or white tea.


The Kombucha tea mushroom contains a bacteria and yeast colony that initiates the fermentation process with sugar and is constantly growing in the liquid. After fermenting, kombucha carbonates and produces vinegar, b-vitamin, enzymes, probiotics and high concentrations of acid (acetic, gluconic and lactic).

7 Benefits of Kombucha Tea

Kombucha tea is among the useful probiotics such as kefir and yogurt. According to research published in the journal Medicinal Food 2014, Kombucha tea has 7 main benefits to our health:

Creates a detox effect

Kombucha’s detox capacity is enormous and has the ability to prevent liver cell toxins.

Facilitates digestion

Kombucha supports and facilitates digestion thanks to its useful acids, enzymes and probiotics.

Speeds up metabolism and increases our energy

Thanks to the iron, caffeine and B-vitamin it contains, it energizes our body.

Strengthens immunity

Thanks to probiotics and antioxidants, it supports the immune system and helps the body in fighting infections.

Reduces skin wrinkles

Thanks to hyaluronic acid, it improves the structure of the skin, moisturizes and lubricates it. It increases the elasticity of the skin and protects it from the damage of free radicals. It combats confusion by strengthening the collagen structure of the skin.

Prevents cancer

Acids in it help prevent and stop cancer.

Lose weight

Studies have shown that Kombucha improves metabolism and limits fat accumulation. It can be consumed twice a day at snacks, both intestinal activities are regulated and fat burning is accelerated.


How to prepare Kombucha tea?

After boiling 1 liter of drinking water, add 5 tablespoons of sugar and add 3 sachets (6 g.) Of black tea and wait until it reaches room temperature. When the water reaches room temperature, the tea is filtered and Kombucha culture is added into it. Your tea will be ready after 1-2 weeks.

As the fermentation time increases, the acid rate increases, the taste becomes sharper and the sugar rate decreases. When your Kombucha tea is ready, you can consume it as it is, or you can sweeten it with dried fruits, fresh fruit and vegetable juices or various spices, wait for another 1-2 days and consume it in different flavors. The most preferred flavors are citrus juices, grape juice, ginger and cinnamon bark. If you wish, you can take a quick look at Slimming Teas and Lose Weight.

Source: MWT. Ayşe Tuğba Şengel / aysetugbasengel. com

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