Does synosic blemish cream really work? Reviews of synosic cream

Does Sinoz Blemish cream, which you encounter on social media lately, and when you search for the internet as a blemish cream to get rid of blemishes on your skin, really removes blemishes on the skin? You can easily find the answer to all the curious questions about the synosic spot cream in this article.

Skin spots may occur later in life due to conditions that develop, malnutrition, genetic makeup, polluted air, sleeping with makeup, or other reasons. We try all kinds of methods to remove blemishes that appear more prominently than normal skin color. If you want to get rid of blemishes on your skin with different products, we have great news for you. Recently, we have put the Sinoz Blemish cream, which even the famous names you hear frequently, like and use under your lens.

Sinoz is a local brand and was established in 2008. Today, it is seen that it is exported to many countries abroad.



There is an abundant amount of vitamin C in Sinoz Blemish cream. Thus, it helps to remove the spots caused by various external factors and also helps whitening the skin.

The Sinoz stain cream, which has a round packaging, contains 30 ml of product. There is absolutely no chemical product in the cream and it is stated by the company that it will not be harmful to the skin in the long term. It is prepared from all-natural herbal ingredients such as horse chestnut, chamomile and watercress.

Sinoz spot cream, which should be applied regularly in the morning and evening, is to remove the spots on the skin. Sun spots and acne spots are the most common purpose. However, it can also be preferred due to blackening caused by waxing. You can use it as a stain remover and whitening feature for mustache, bikini and under arm blackening.


It needs to be used regularly for at least 1 month to see the effect of the anti-spot cream. Since the skin is not renewed all of a sudden, it is necessary not to wait for miracles in a short time.


There are many people using this product for their stains. The comments focus on regular use. It is a dream to use it for 1 week and wait for results. However, you should not forget that not every cream gives the same result in everyone. Among those who use synosic cream, there are those who say that it does not work as well as those who express their satisfaction.


Even though it does not completely eliminate long-term stains in the reviews of synostasis remover cream, it has caused improvements in the range of 60-80%. There are also those who use the cream only as a moisturizer.

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