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Does Your Belly Grow During a 2-Month, 3-Month, 9-Week Pregnancy

Does Your Belly Grow During a 2-Month, 3-Month, 9-Week Pregnancy

During pregnancy, many physical and mental changes are observed in expectant mothers. In other words; Some differences occur in the structure and operation of organs. The enlargement of the stomach and the protruding of that region, the enlargement of the abdomen, the enlargement and hardening of the breasts are examples. The question of when the belly of pregnant women will be determined is also wondered by expectant mothers. You can get information about this in our article.

When Is the Abdomen Obvious During Pregnancy?

Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. Dr. Seval Taşdemir explained;


” The more apparent the womb during pregnancy usually 5 months (20 weeks) then it becomes. The earliest 4. At the end of the month so the pregnancy 16-17. When viewed from the outside in the week comes on the situation will be clear. This is my mother’s womb naked, while understandable. Or visibly The difference will take the end of the 5th month. The expectant mother’s belly is not clear enough to realize that she is pregnant in the first 3-4 months. It is possible for close relatives and friends to understand, but others will not even think that you are pregnant unless you tell them. you can camouflage it for a long time.

Can Baby Gender Be Understood According to the Shape of the Mother Womb during Pregnancy?

When couples learn that they are going to have a baby, will the first thing that comes to mind is our baby boy or girl? is the question. They are dying to find out right away. But the baby’s gender is 13-16. it is not clear before weeks. In this period, it is understood with an ultrasound examination. The gender of the baby cannot be determined without an ultrasound. However, some symptoms can make you guess correctly. One of them is the shape of the pregnant woman’s belly. One of the most common male baby symptoms is that the belly shape is pointed and looks like a basketball during pregnancy .

Does the late arrival of the mother’s belly and its being late show that there is a problem?

No, it has nothing to do with it. The abdominal region may be detected late in some expectant mothers and early in some. Even if mothers’ weight, height and baby measurements made by ultrasound examination are the same, the appearance of their abdomen may differ. The main reason for this is the posture of the baby and the position of the uterus.

Abdominal Size in Multiple Pregnancies

If the expectant mother is pregnant with more than one baby, her belly will grow more than those of those who are pregnant with a single baby. In other words, the number of babies and the size of the abdomen are directly proportional to each other.

How to Prevent Abdominal Stretch Marks During Pregnancy?

While the belly of the expectant mother grows slowly during pregnancy, cracks and stretching occur in that area. If the mother-to-be is genetically prone to this, the cracks may be deeper and more. Some expectant mothers will encounter less cracks. Daily sufficient water consumption is a natural and effective method that can be applied to prevent crack formation. Thus, the elasticity of the skin increases and the cracks lighten. In addition, there are some creams that prevent the formation of stretch marks and moisturize the skin. Since these are safe to use during pregnancy, they can be easily preferred.



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