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Don’t Harm Your Relationship! 7 Mistakes That Can End Your Relationship

The secret to a happy relationship is different for everyone. But the truth is that running a relationship is extremely difficult. 75 percent of people experience multiple separations in their lifetime. Without a doubt, separation is one of the worst experiences. Sometimes separation is inevitable, but sometimes unknowingly mistakes can end the relationship. We previously wrote about what couples should do before going to sleep for a happy relationship with you. This time, we wrote about the mistakes couples made unconsciously and that ended the relationship. Here are 7 mistakes that can cause your relationship to end.

1. Not living the moment together

your relationship

Spending quality time together is extremely important to a relationship. Couples who do this are much happier in their relationships. Because living the moment together and discovering beautiful things together brings couples closer to each other. Lack of communication is one of the most important causes of separation.

You may be sitting on the same sofa all day, but are you doing something together or busy with different things? You can take up a common hobby to spend quality time together. It may even be this walk.

2.Not paying attention to your partner’s effort

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Partners living together often get used to each other’s effort. One party, for example, does all the household chores and is not appreciated. This may be part of your routine, but that doesn’t mean your partner shouldn’t be appreciated.

A study found that people who start feeling unappreciated are much more likely to leave their partners. The same applies to the personal qualities you fall in love with. Continue to admire them for their beauty, sense of humor or kindness. Remember to constantly appreciate him and show love to the end.

3.Avoiding attachment


Fear of attachment can cause your relationship to end. If you don’t trust the person in your life because of your fear of attachment, and more importantly, don’t let people get close enough to get to know you better, your relationship won’t go deeper. As a result, you are strangers to each other, you destroy this possibility while the relationship may progress.

4.Do not respect boundaries


Instead of two people in a relationship, the concept of “we” can emerge. However, that doesn’t mean you have to do everything together. Yes, you may be having a relationship, but you should remember that both of you have a personal life. You have to respect these personal limits. Try not to be intrusive and respect your partner’s limits. Also, don’t worry if their needs or desires don’t match yours. It is perfectly normal to have different tastes.

5.Not taking care of yourself

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Dissatisfaction with the partner’s personality is an important reason for the breakup. Remember which person your partner falls in love with. Over the years, you will inevitably change, but that doesn’t mean you should stop looking after yourself as soon as you start a relationship. Keep going to the gym, eat healthy, work on your personal growth and do whatever you do before you find love.

6.Having low self-esteem


Low self-esteem is a big threat to a relationship. People with low self-esteem often fear rejection and will do their best to protect themselves. They don’t believe they are good enough for their partners and that they can really love them. Therefore, they think the relationship will end soon. This thought brings the end of the relationship. Because they constantly try to prepare themselves for the breakup, they constantly question their relationships and the actions of their partners.

7.Not talking about problems and avoiding arguments


Avoiding arguments can actually seem to prevent you from ruining your relationship. However, this is not true. If you avoid any discussion and don’t talk about the problems, these problems can accumulate and become bigger. You shouldn’t hide your true feelings and ignore your needs.

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