Drink recipe that clears the lungs in just 3 days!


How to make a drink recipe that clears the lungs? Bad habits such as smoking, environmental pollution and not doing sports cause the lungs to become blocked. If you want to purify your body from these poisons, you should try this amazing mixture that will clean your lungs in 3 days. You will be able to clean your lungs by doing regular sports and drinking this mixture. Here is the miracle mixture that cleans the lungs!


What you need to do before drinking this mixture is to quit smoking 2 days in advance. Then, after 2 days, squeeze 2 lemons into 1.5 glasses of water and drink before breakfast. Eat the same amount of grapefruit and carrot juice before lunch. The grapefruit and carrot juice you consume will help regulate your respiratory system. Before going to bed in the evening, consume 2 glasses of blueberry juice and sleep. If you want to clear your lungs, consume this mixture regularly for 3 days. You will feel your breath open.

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