Effective prayers to be read for grumpy and naughty children! Prayer of calmness to disobedient children

Parents who complain about their child being naughty may no longer know how to behave. For that, they can seek the solution in calming prayers for naughty children. So what are the most effective prayer tips for grumpy and naughty kids?

It is quite difficult to raise a righteous and auspicious child in this period, which we call the End Times. It is necessary not to rebel against the misfortunes that happen to us in order to learn from what we have done in a period when evils are multiplying and halal and harams are mixed together. In these days of our bumpy life, some of us are tested with their property, some with their health, and some with their children. In fact, some mothers and fathers are so complaining about the mischief and moodiness of their children that they are surprised how to make them listen. But is there a prayer for naughty and grumpy children to be calmer and more docile? Dhikr and prayers recommended to be read for grumpy and naughty children …



We have compiled recommendations of the most effective prayer dhikr that can be read to calm the mischievous children. According to the information in some religious sources, they can be read for calmness …

– 400 times a day YA HADI (CC)

– 14 times a day to raise a good-natured and devout child OR BODY (CC)

– 21 times by looking at the child’s face after performing the morning prayer in order to have a good character. YA CITY (CC)

– 3 times to the naughty boy YA BERRU (CC)

– Who wants his son to be good 70 times a day “ Estağfirullahe innehu kane ghaffara ” can ask.

– After the afternoon prayer on 3 Fridays, 1073 times in the underwear worn by the child ihdinassiràdal müstegìm If it is read, it is hoped that it will leave its bad habits. Or if it is read for 21 consecutive days, there is no need for extra reading on the laundry.

– For the naughty boy to calm down DURATION OF RAD is recommended.

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