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Enemy in Your Wardrobe: Clothes and Accessories that Secretly Damage Your Health

Enemy in Your Wardrobe: Clothes and Accessories that Secretly Damage Your Health

Research shows that 73% of women’s problems are caused by clothing and accessories. So many things in your wardrobe are not as harmless as you think. And these clothes and accessories do not end with the damage only back.

Tight pants:

Tightening your legs with tight jeans is a real big risk. Narrow elevations cause many problems, including poor blood circulation , dilated veins and slow digestion . It can also cause excessive tight pants, numbness in the thighs and pain .

High-heeled shoes:

Researchers at Auburn University concluded that women had four times more foot problems than men. Joint pain, ankle sprain, calcification, nerve damage are just a few of these problems. If you have any of these problems; maybe you should take a break for a while. Before forget; The more high and narrow your heels, the greater the likelihood of these problems. Time you try to wear heels as restrictions. If you plan to go for a long-distance walk, choose to wear comfortable shoes.


If you wear a thong frequently , you should know that this can lead to serious health problems such as vaginal infection, irritation and hemorrhoids . Try not to wear the tangles, especially in the summer. If you can not give up the tangas; your choice is 100% cotton.

Earrings and Necklaces:

A 20% bacterial infection develops on your ear surface during the ear pricking process. If the puncture procedure is performed incorrectly, it may cause the infection to spread. In addition, the use of excessively large and heavy earrings may cause damaged earpins that require plastic surgery. The same is true of necklaces. A heavy necklace may cause neck pain.

Bosphorus region:

Women who have health risks due to clothing and accessories are not just women. According to a study at Cornell University , 67% of men buy shirts smaller than their necks. As a result, small liners increase blood circulation and intraocular pressure. At the same time, he causes headaches, limiting neck movements, causing tension in the back and shoulder muscles.

Poor quality bras:

False sized and incorrectly fitted bras cause numerous problems such as back, shoulder and spine pain . Therefore, you should always try to buy your bra. If you have large breasts, avoid wearing a thin strap bra. Make sure the metal wires do not damage your skin, even if your body width is narrow.


The flip-flops are the perfect accessories for the beach, but they aren’t as safe as you think. Such things can easily cause abrasions and wounds. In addition, the flat soles of the flip-flops can cause back pain.


Stressing things like corsets and belts can cause shortness of breath, muscle pain and blood circulation problems. When buying accessories such as belts, always choose the ones that best suit your body size.

Very large bags:

One of the life-saving women is the bags. We fill in everything we need. But here you need to overdose the dose. Carrying a lot of weight can cause muscle pain in the shoulder and damage your joints. If you can’t give up your favorite XXL bag; try putting more objects in it.

Pencil Skirts:

Pencil skirts bring your legs closer than necessary. Therefore, you are more likely to lose your balance and fall. It may limit your movements and cause disability.

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