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Expert Advice for Beard Extension, Curling and Beard Removal

Expert Advice for Beard Extension, Curling and Beard Removal

In men, hairs like beards, mustaches begin at the age of 12-15 years, but most men suffer from the absence of their beards. By following the expert’s recommendations, you can become a beard!

Massage the beard area

Massage is one of the best methods to stimulate hair follicles on your face and make a beard come out . Massage your beard area with your fingers by making light pressure with circular movements several times a day. Do not forget to wash your face before and after the massage.

Beard Remover

Liquid medications such as minoxidil and rogaine are also very effective in removing beard. On Google, you can read many reviews of the people who are practicing about the use of these drugs for the beard. You can consult your doctor and try to use these drugs.

Eat right

Take care to feed your beard and your daily diet consists of B vitamins, biotin and protein rich foods . In particular, biotin is a very effective vitamin in the emergence of beard. Watermelon, strawberry, raspberry, almond, walnut, carrot, chard, peanuts, onion, cucumber and chicken livers are important sources of biotin. Biotin needs aged 19 years and older are 30 micrograms per day. Biotini is also available in pharmacies. Never use the medication without consulting your doctor.

Use essential oil

Mix 1 unit of organic rosemary oil and 10 parts of coconut oil (eg 1 teaspoon of rosemary oil and 10 teaspoons of coconut oil in solid form). . Place this mixture on the cloth and place the fabric where you want the beard to come and let it stand for 20 minutes. Then rinse with cold water. Continue the application once a day. If it causes irritation to your skin, terminate the application. Solid coconut oil is available from cosmetics or the Internet. In order to prevent drying out, you can also take the oil out of your beard and wash it in the morning.

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Use Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil moisturizes your beard area, stimulates your skin and helps your beard grow quickly. Half a glass of olive oil with 15-30 drops of organic eucalyptus oil to mix, beard region by circular movements massage. It will be more effective to apply it to clean skin after bath.

What to do to get a beard?

Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol

Cigarettes and alcohol are the most important factors that affect the blood circulation and prevent the beard. When you drink them, there is a narrowing in the blood vessels and it becomes more difficult to remove the hair.

Get plenty of rest

Scientific research has shown that testosterone hormone decreases by 15% in men who sleep 5 hours or less. The most important reason for the absence of beards and mustaches is the inadequate secretion of testosterone and DTH hormones. Sleep 8 hours a day, go early every day. Be sure to see a doctor and measure your testosterone level if you experience problems with beard growth and elongation.

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Exercise regularly

Exercise increases the secretion of testosterone, the hormone responsible for the emergence of beard in men. Strength sports, dumbbell lifting etc. High intensity spores will play an important role in increasing hormone levels in testosterone. Exercise also improves blood circulation and provides faster nutrient supply to hair follicles, including your body’s beard.

Stay away from stress

Stress reduces cortisol levels and decreases testosterone. In addition, stress narrows the blood vessels, prevents the hair to reach the roots and prevents the growth of the hair.

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