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What Is Expigment Cream Used For, What Are The Users’ Comments?

Expigment cream is a cream that is good for problems such as brown spots on the skin, freckles, sun spots, acne (acne) scars and black skin spots, and it can be obtained from pharmacies. Expigment cream is a drug used on the skin surface and has a strong effect. It is a frequently used solution in the treatment of skin problems recently and its use is quite common.

Reviews of Expigment Cream Users

I started using Expigment cream on the recommendation of my dermatologist after returning from vacation last year. I applied it as a thin layer every night, it stayed on my skin until morning. The next day I was washing and applying my Solenta Pigmenta sunscreen frequently during the day. In the beginning, I was very surprised at the incredible change in myself, I can say that I had a hard time knowing myself. I had a smooth, soft and white skin like a baby.

I have been using Expigment 2% cream for sunken scars on my legs for a while and 1 tube was finished yesterday. Significantly reduced the scars on my leg, it was really good for my problem. And this cream showed another hidden talent; that is, I had a burn mark on my ankle since I was three years old and this cream has almost completely eliminated it. I really don’t understand how he did it. I only used it at night before going to sleep and continued it every night on a regular basis. Tube finished in three weeks. I would also like to point out that the smell is really awful.

I used Expigment cream for the spots on my face and this amazing product left no trace of spots in as little as 1 week. In the beginning, there is a little redness in the places where you apply the cream, you walk around as red as a tomato. Then your skin begins to peel off, gradually redness and peeling disappear completely. I think it should be used together with sunscreen cream.

I used Expigment 4% regularly to remove the spots on my skin caused by the sun. It never hurt my skin; There were no side effects such as peeling, redness, staining, burning. It moisturized my skin well, that’s all.

I use this cream for underarm darkening and I can say that it is really beneficial. With the advice of a pharmacist friend of mine, I started to apply it as follows: I apply this cream in a thin layer before going to sleep at night and I use bepanthen during the day to prevent the side effects of the cream. Thanks to this application, I had a serious opening in my armpits within a week.

I use Expigment cream for spots on my face caused by the sun. However, it causes dark spots on my face and whenever I use it, redness occurs. I think I am allergic to this cream.

Expigment cream has an incredible effect on spots. Even if you use it only 3 times, you can immediately see that the spots on your face lighten. Unfortunately, it causes peeling and redness. If you agree to walk around with a beet-like face or if you think that I can hide it by applying foundation, you should test this really effective cream right away.

I started using the Expigment cream with the doctor’s recommendation and it’s been 12 days yet. I apply it for my acne spots and my doctor didn’t tell me anything that I should apply it on my spots, so when I use it at night, I apply it by spreading it over the whole skin area. There was a visible lightening in my darkened skin and the color of the spots. I also use factor 50 sunscreen during the day. It also didn’t cause peeling on my skin and it moisturized a lot. The people around me are also aware of this change in me and they say very positive things.

I used Expigment cream in 2004 and it felt really good. It cleared my freckles and lightened my dark skin a lot. Thanks to this cream, my skin became like a baby.

I have been using Expigment for about 20 days for sunspots. The scars on my skin have visibly lightened. In the first days, when I applied the cream to my skin, it was a little red, but it did not cause any discomfort. There were no peeling or similar problems. This shows that the side effects can be different for each person. If it is used under the supervision of a physician, I do not think that there will be any problems.

I am one of those who started using Expigment 4%. But at first, I applied it to a normal part of my skin and gave it a try. I have not encountered any adverse effects. I’m currently using it for my blemishes, it’s only been two days since I started and therefore I haven’t noticed any difference at the moment. But I did not encounter problems such as darkening or redness. Users have stated that from the very first day they turn red like tomatoes. Fortunately, I didn’t experience anything like that.

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