Expressions freezing in the case of Müge Anlı Palu family


The Palu Family horror, which appeared in Müge Anlı’s program, is before the judiciary. “Don’t kill with monstrous feel” on trial “Palu Family” was brought to the courthouse. All Turkey’s murder trial for months to talk about the missing mother and daughter hearings began at noon today.


Tuncer Ustael, who allegedly killed Mary Tahnal at the hearing, did not accept the accusations; Tahnal’s mother, Havva Palu, said that she died in herbal life due to hunger and cold.

Tuncer Ustael, who stated that he did not use debit and credit cards by taking advantage of the death of Meryem Tahnal in his defense of the incident, “I was living in Istanbul before these events. The relatives of Mary, who left her husband, had threats against me. My child was abducted by these individuals. When I found my child, there were traces of syringes on his head and hip. I was afraid of them and moved to the house of Havva Palu. We started to receive threats here. We saw the relatives of Mary’s wife, who threatened us, on the roof of the house we live in. That is why we live in the car later, there is no other reason. I do not have faith and fear of genie and similar things. We certainly did not kill Mary Tahnal. I was sleeping on the night of the incident. They woke me up, they said whether Mary went to the toilet. I said that in the Criminal Court of Peace and security, Eve found the body of Mary. They forcibly told me this statement in safety. On November 19, 2008, I pulled the salary of Mary and gave it to her. I never used the floors after they disappeared. He went to the toilet that night and did not go back. I never saw Mary again. I’m not even slapping Mary, husband

When I died I looked at them and protected them. I looked at their children, I did not eat them. ”



After Tuncer Ustael, who claimed that he had nothing to do with the incident and had never battered Meryem Tahnal in any way, the defense of Havva Palu, who had been detained in the case, was heard. Havva Palu, the mother of Meryem Talhal, said that she came to their home after her daughter left her husband, and after a while his son-in-law Tuncer Ustael and his wife Emine Ustael came to their homes and settled next to them. He claimed that after they started living in the same house, they were frightened by Tuncer Ustael with the demons and that they followed his instructions. He stated that Tuncer Ustael, who kept themselves in separate rooms in the house they live in the Gulf, took away all their salary and debit cards. He claimed that Tuncer Ustael claimed that his threatening daughter would protect his wife from his family and that he was constantly beating Mary Tahnal, leaking information.


Havva Palu, who claims that Tuncer should not report the situation to the police when they realize that her daughter is dead, claims that they were spreading them to the blanket with her son Isa Palu, “After we died, we said to let the municipality know. Tuncer, mayın Don’t interfere, you sin me. Otherwise I will leave you. I protect you from jinn “ he said. Then that evening, Tuncer took it with Jesus and buried it. Then they took me where they said they were buried. ” used expressions.

blank Police officers raided the house of Müge Anlı Palu in live broadcast!
blank Bomb alleged rape my sister Tuncer in the case of Müge Anlı Palu family!

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