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Eye Exercises That You Must Do To Protect Your Eye Health

Eye Exercises That You Must Do To Protect Your Eye Health

Let us enter the subject with a basic medical principle; If you do not use a muscle, the muscle becomes weak. Just like your other muscles, you need to exercise your eyes. Now come ır What should be done for eye health? Dir, egzersiz What are eye exercises? Malı, için How is eye massage done? Im Let’s see it all together.

Step 1: Avoid forcing your eyes throughout the day. Close your eyes for a few minutes and let them rest. Do this every 2-3 hours.

Step 2: There are 16 basic moves you can exercise with your eyes. Try to make them in the order indicated each day. Movements are as follows:

Step 3: Keep your eye on the eye for a long time if you wear glasses. Try to take your glasses off at regular intervals.

Step 4: With gentle and circular movements, gently massage from 1 to 6 points as shown in the picture below.

Press your middle and index finger to your eyes. Please take care not to experience pain when performing this action. You just need to feel some pressure.

Step 5: Take a walk outdoors; instead of focusing on your own legs and front, look away from the distance.

Step 6: Take care to drink carrot juice regularly.

If you want to get maximum benefit from this application you can add one or two drops of olive oil. The taste does not spoil; however, it helps your body to absorb more healthy ingredients in carrot juice.

Step 7: Wash your eyes with warm water when tired.

Step 8: Try not to look at the computer, TV or smartphone screen at least two hours before going to bed.

Step 9: Try the Indian Tratak eye yoga . Helps you to focus your eyes and mind greatly.

This app is perfect for sunset. Sit on a table or in a position where you will look at a small object (such as a candle) placed in an open area. Make sure that this object is at eye level. During this time your facial muscles should be loose. Focus your eyes on this object. Try not to move your head and blink. Look at this object until you feel the need to crop your eyes. Scratch the object into your memory. After closing your eyes, try to keep the image of the object as long as possible. Do not open your eyes until the image of the object disappears from your mind. When the visual goes out of your mind, slowly open your eyes from the tip of the nose. Do this exercise for 10 minutes.

At the end of the application: Slightly pile your palms and place them on your eyes by rubbing your hands together. This is called palming. Here is the point where you need to pay attention to the palms of your eyes full cover. In the meantime, feel the energy in your hands passing through your eyes.

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