Factors affecting public health are mapped

7 academicians from Kilis 7 December University (KİYÜ), Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam University (KSU), Kırıkkale University (KKÜ) and Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University (MAKU), the “Health, It is not only the absence of illness and disability, but also physical, mental and social well-being. Based on the definition of “prepared a study.

Academics “How should health services be managed?” In order to find an answer to his question, he collected his scientific research, which lasted about 2 years, in the book titled “Health Status Determinants”.

KİYÜ Yusuf Şerefoğlu, who participated in the study and was the editor of the book, Head of the Department of Health Management, Faculty of Health Sciences. Faculty Member Fatih Budak stated that he thinks the AA reporter, the work put forward will be beneficial to researchers interested in the subject, academic studies and strategic management processes in health institutions.

Pointing out to the provision of quality, effective, efficient health services and the management of these services, Budak stated that they are the main problems that arise with human history and should be answered:


“There are some questions that keep our minds and occupy our minds. When we answer them, we believe that we will be able to bring health services to much better places. For example, what makes some people healthy and others unhealthy? This is actually a very important question that concerns all humanity and needs to be answered. Again, how can we create a society where everyone can lead a long and healthy life? The answer to this question appears to be an important topic of debate, particularly in the development of social and health policies that will emphasize community satisfaction. And again, what should be considered in healthcare management for a healthy future? In order to find answers to these and similar questions, we started out as young academics who devoted themselves to health management about 2 years ago. ”

Expressing that they conducted long-term studies with his team and that the factors affecting the public health were “mapping the genes”, Budak stated that these factors were handled as genetic, environment, culture, technology, population, lifestyle, economic and political system and health services.

“What are the factors affecting health?”, “What are the effects of social health?” Explaining that certain studies were carried out in order to find answers to such questions, Budak said, “However, we dealt with this issue especially from the perspective of health management, that is, with a professional management approach. We have developed a model with the individual and the society, which has attained a complete physical, spiritual and social well-being in its center. In this model, we determined the factors that affect the health of the individual and the society physically, mentally and socially. We have revealed each of these factors in detail. “He said.

Budak said, “Our claim is that the model we developed within the scope of this study shows the feature of being the first comprehensive model developed from the perspective of health management in both national and international literature. ”He said.


KİYÜ Yusuf Şerefoğlu Faculty of Health Sciences Department of Health Management participated in the study. Lecturer Ayşe Çiçek Korkmaz also stated that she has carried out detailed studies on “Genetics” and “Population”, which significantly affect public health.

Emphasizing that one of the most important factors affecting a person’s health, structure, appearance and behavior is the “genetic” factor, Korkmaz said that having one of the family members has a genetic disease affects the entire family system and brings various problems. Korkmaz pointed out that this situation directly affects public health.

Noting that internal and external migrations have positive or negative effects on public health, Korkmaz pointed out that some diseases that have not been seen for many years have come to the agenda especially due to the mass migration caused by wars.

To the study, KİYÜ Yusuf Şerefoğlu Faculty of Health Sciences Department of Health Management Research Assistant Merve Flow, KKÜ Faculty of Health Sciences Department of Health Management. Faculty members Ahmet Kar and Meltem Saygılı, KSU Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Health Management Department Research Assistant. Faculty Member Cuma Sungur and MAKU Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Health Management. Faculty Member Özlem Özer also participated.


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