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Fat Burning Diet with 1 Lose Weight per Day with Lemon Water Diet

Fat Burning Diet with 1 Lose Weight per Day with Lemon Water Diet

If you want to get rid of your excess weight quickly in 1 day we will give you 1 kilo of lemon diet and 2 pounds of lemon diet can lose weight easily. Thanks to these diets, which are played by lemon, it is possible to burn fat and burn. You can apply any of the 3 diet lists we provide.

Lemon diet that weakens 1 pound in 1 day

The materials you will need;

  1. Lemon juice made from 6 lemons
  2. 8 glasses of water
  3. 3-4 ice cubes
  4. Half a cup of honey
  5. 8-10 pcs of fresh mint leaf
  6. Mix all ingredients in a glass jug

Hazırlamış olduğunuz karışımdan(limonata) 1 bardak için. Before breakfast: For 1 cup of lemonade.

Meyve Salatası Breakfast: Fruit Salad

Bir bardak limonata ve 3-4 tane badem At 11 o’clock: a glass of lemonade and 3-4 almonds

1 haşlanmış yumurta, bir kase salata. Lunch: 1 boiled egg, one bowl of salad. Add 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and olive oil to your salad.

1 bardak limonata ve dilediğiniz bir adet meyve 16.00: 1 cup of lemonade and one piece of fruit

Izgara balık veya tavuk, sebze salatası Dinner: Grilled fish or chicken, vegetable salad

1 bardak limonata 2 hours before bedtime: 1 cup of lemonade

2 Lose Weight 10 Lose Weight per Week

You can lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks with the lemon diet list we have reported below. We call the diet list, but it does not only consist of lemon consumption. Continue your daily diet while applying the lemon diet; Avoid fatty, paste and sugary foods as much as possible. Eat plenty of salad and reduce bread. If you pay attention to your diet with diet list, you can get very good results.

1 day

For an empty stomach when you wake up in the morning by mixing 1 lemon + 1 cup of drinking water.

2 days

2 lemons + 2 cups of drinking water when mixing the first one in the morning when you wake up, the other for lying at night.

3 days

Mix 3 lemons + 3 cups of drinking water, and one for the morning, one for lunch the last for lying to the night.

4 days

Mix 4 lemons + 4 cups of drinking water. From this day, to be fixed in the morning and evening, spreading the others into different hours throughout the day.

5 days

5 lemons + 5 cups of drinking water

6 days

6 lemons + 6 cups of drinking water

7 days

3 lemon juice + 10 cups of plain water (1 tablespoon honey will be consumed during the day adding honey)

Day 8

6 lemons + 6 cups of drinking water

day 9

5 lemons + 5 cups of drinking water

10 days

4 lemons + 4 cups of drinking water


3 lemons + 3 cups of drinking water (apply same as day 3)

Day 12

2 lemons + 2 cups of drinking water (apply same as day 2)

Day 13

1 lemon + 1 cup of drinking water (when you wake up to an empty stomach)

Day 14

3 lemon juice + 10 cups of drinking water (1 tablespoon will be consumed during the day adding honey) (morning, lunch and evening for 1 cup)

2 Notes on the lemon diet that gives 10 pounds a week;

Mix the lemon thoroughly and mix with water. The first glass of lemon juice to an empty stomach, the second cup of the 2nd day for lying at night. Match 3 cups a day to the middle of the day. So as the number of cups increases, coincide with the different times of the day. This way, you will lose weight quickly, by purifying your body with toxins. This diet can touch you.

Dr. Gonul Ateşsaçan given by the 3-day Fat Burning Lemon Diet

Dr. Thanks to the lemon diet given by Gönül Ateşsaçan, you can burn your fats in 3 days.

1 day

  1. When you wake up in the morning, start the day with 1 glass of lemon water.
  2. Eat fresh fruit-fruit salad all day and to lemonade in between.

1 yeşil elma+ 2 kivi ve 2 dilim ananas. Fruit salad: 1 green apple + 2 kiwi and 2 slices of pineapple. 2 slices of rye bread or 2 dietary biscuits. 8 glasses of lemonade per day.

2 days

1 yeşil çay + 2 dilim kızarmış kepek ekmeği + yeşillik+ 2 ceviz+ 1 havuç Breakfast: 1 green tea + 2 slices of fried bran bread + greens + 2 walnuts + 1 carrot

2 katı yumurta, 1 porsiyon haşlanmış ıspanak, 1 domates 7 Lunch: 2 solid eggs, 1 portion of boiled spinach, 1 tomato 7

1 biftek, zeytinyağlı ve limonlu yeşil salata Dinner: 1 steak, olive oil and lemon green salad

Salatalık/yeşil elma/ 10 bardak su ve 3-4 fincan açık yeşil çay Snack: Cucumber / green apple / 10 cups of water and 3-4 cups of light green tea

3 days

1 yeşil elma+2 dilim ananas. Breakfast: 1 green apple + 2 slices of pineapple.

Çavdar ekmeği, diyet bisküvi. Snack: Rye bread, diet biscuits.

8-10 glasses of lemonade between meals. Fennel and form for tea.

1 avuç barbunya, 2 kabak, 1 havuç, yarım demet semizotu, sarımsak, bütün olarak 3 soğan. Lunch: 1 handful of red beans, 2 squashes, 1 carrot, half a bunch of purslane, garlic, 3 onions as a whole. Red pepper, curry, tomato can be added. Salt is too little and use as sea salt. Consume 1 liter of water in the form of soup. Keep the vegetables alive. Evening: Consume the same vegetable dish that is not refreshed at noon. If you are hungry, you can eat 1-2 slice of rye bread and 1 pack of diet biscuits. 10 cups of water and 3-4 cups of light green tea

Lemonade ingredients

2 tablespoons lemon juice 1 tablespoon sugar free marmalade, 1/10 teaspoon red pepper. The mixture will be completed with 250 ml of water at room temperature. 8 cups to drink on the days said.

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