Foods that remove reflux


What’s on the list of foods that increase reflux? Do you constantly have episodes of nephrosis? Then you should pay attention to what you eat. Because reflux is triggered by reflux, which is a very common disease. Experts warn that reflux patients should consume foods and beverages such as coffee, pickle, chili peppers, onion, garlic, raw salad carefully.

Stating that reflux manifests itself with complaints such as chest pain and chest burn, General Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Fatih Kar, “Reflux is the escape of acid in the stomach to the esophagus. The escaping acid causes some destruction in and around the esophagus and related complaints. We can see many complaints together in reflux. We can only see one or more of these complaints. The main complaints can be seen in the form of chest pain, chest pain, hot water coming into the mouth, chest tightness and pressure sensation, hoarseness, chronic cough in the style of pain, pain that strikes in the middle of the back. and it can be confused with a heart attack because it may cause rhythm disturbances in the heart from time to time.Therefore, it is one of the most important non-heart causes that apply to the emergency departments with chest pain. i need “ said.


Referring to the negative effect of malnutrition on reflux, Profit, “Reflux threatens those who work in stressful jobs, those who consume heavy coffee, tea, smokers, do not exercise and those who have a habit of eating late. Among the foods that can trigger reflux in the stomach are raw salads, onions, garlic, chili peppers, pickles, There is orange, grapefruit, and we do not recommend reflux patients to be consumed late, on the other hand, on the other hand, the way of sleeping at night is very important in reflux patients. The horizontal position taken when the person sleeps causes the flattening of the angle between the esophagus and the stomach. Therefore, reflux problems are often exacerbated at night.For this, the patient needs to determine a suitable reclining position. It is possible to overcome the reflux by taking these precautions and acting within the diet program to be given to him and making the sport a habit. If reflux does not go through a diet and other precautions, medical treatment is recommended. Medical treatment relieves complaints because it turns the acid inside the stomach into water. Even if rebound continues, the content of the liquid is not burning and provides a significant improvement in the clinics. “ said.


Referring to surgical treatments in reflux, Kar “Early age is a very important factor in patients who are recommended medical treatment. That is, a 25-year-old patient may have to use a continuous stomach medication. Considering the average life span of the patients as 80, it is not right to sentence them to 50-60 years. In such cases surgery can come to the agenda, because long-term drug use can disrupt stomach absorption, as well as cause calcium and iron deficiencies, and related problems such as bone problems and anemia may occur. However, despite all these, complaints do not go away, and if the reflux crises increase with complaints such as chest tightness and hoarseness, then surgery should be brought to the agenda.


In the operation, we create a valve mechanism, such as an ink jack, instead of the junction of the esophagus and stomach. This is a closed surgery that is performed laparoscopically. It takes an average of 45 minutes. The patients are kept under surveillance for 1 day in the hospital environment and they stop using the drugs on the same day. The quality of life of these patients is significantly improved after these operations and they do not need to use drugs again. Recurrences are related to many factors, but they are highly related to the quality of the surgery. The recurrence rate can drop to 2-3 percent after a good operation. Since a new valve mechanism is created there after the operation, patients’ dietary compliance is required. Liquid for a few weeks – feeding with soft foods can be reduced to normal food by reducing portions within a few months. “ gave information.

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