Gecce Gourmet Board came together in Büyükyalı for “2020 Gecce Guide” and “Gecce Venue Awards”!


F & drink and entertainment industry in the direction of giving valuable names from occurring Gecce Gourmet Board, yesterday evening the best places of Turkey “in 2020 Gecce Guide” for scores to March 16, 2020 which will be held at the Swissotel The Bosphorus Gecce Location Awards gathered at the New Year’s Eve dinner held in Büyükyalı – Bir Deniz District to perform the preliminaries of the venues.

Turkey’s best journalists, columnists, gourmets, eating, drinking and devoted the best names in the entertainment industry as Close where gourmet Committee will continue to hold the pulse of the gastronomy sector.

Dear members of the Gecce Gourmet Board, gathered in Büyükyalı – Bir Deniz District to score the venues to be included in the 2020 Gecce Guide Limited Edition magazine and to perform the preliminary screenings of the locations for the Gecce Venue Awards to be held at Swissotel The Bosphorus on March 16, 2020.

The Gecce Gourmet Board meeting, chaired by Kenan Erçetingöz and Gül Erçetingöz; Güneri Civaoğlu, Ertuğrul Özkök, Mehmet Yaşin, Dilara Koçak, Yelda İpekli, Sermet Severöz, Arda Türkmen, Uğur Talayhan, Elif Edes Tapan, and Jale Balcı, who set up a bridge with the great interest and support they showed to gastronomy, became the center of gastronomy, . Gourmet Board Members evaluated tens of places in the files prepared by Gecce in accordance with the scoring schedule. They scored the locations in the files. Gourmets, they add their favorite places around Turkey’s evaluation file.

Gourmet Board Members talked about the 2020 Gecce Guide Limited Edition and the 2020 Gecce Place Awards with its new concept, unique privileges and very special contents.

Yakup Tutuş, the successful chef of Büyükyalı had a delicious feast for the Gecce Gourmet Board with delicious presentations specially prepared for this evening. The meal, which started with a milk pie soup and a sprinkled appetizer plate, served a variety of Turkish meatballs and pita bread in a stone oven. As the main course, the chef’s choice was for lamb shank, jasmin with almond rice and caramelized chestnuts. When it comes to desserts, gummy baked rice pudding, mosaic dessert and baked halva were served to the table.

All members of the Gourmet Board left their faces laughing at this pleasant Gecce Gourmet Board meeting held in Büyükyalı.

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