Glasses and lenses make history with smart lenses

Getting rid of glasses and lenses is everyone’s dream. However, laser operations applied in this direction cannot be applied to patients whose eye structure is not suitable. After the removal of the lens in the eye, the smart intraocular lenses, which are replaced, can be used by patients for a lifetime, as well as providing a permanent solution for the vision deficits, as well as the resolution of age-related relatives and cataracts.


Say goodbye to glasses and lenses

Used to solve age-related relatives and cataract problems; Op, stating that patients can get rid of their glasses and lenses forever thanks to smart lenses that produce solutions to near, far and astigmatism problems at the same time. Dr. Feast Maker, “Natural lenses in our eyes can cause serious problems in vision by losing their transparency due to different diseases and the effects of the past years. Smart lenses that provide perfect transition between any distance between the intraocular lenses placed in place of these lenses, Smart lens surgeries are a treatment method that we recommend to patients with suitable eye structure, as a solution to vision problems such as near, far and astigmatism. It also makes it possible to correct the astigmatism problem.It is clearly visible on the yellow spot, which enables the eyesight, both in the distance and in the near, thanks to smart lenses. alar can get away from their near and far glasses ” speaks.


Can also be used in cataract surgery

Op said that in the smart lens treatments, the natural lens in the eye is taken and lenses with more than one focus ability are replaced. Dr. Feast Maker, “One of the biggest benefits of this treatment is that it goes beyond treating the cataract of the patient after surgery, and minimizes the use of far and near glasses after surgery performed on patients suffering from cataract disease. Multifocal lenses used, old bi-focal (bifocal) It provides clear vision at close, medium and long distances compared to lenses. At the same time, trifocal smart lenses reduce the glare in night vision less. says.


Pre-examination is important

Pointing out the importance of correctly determining the needs of the patient to be treated, Op. Dr. Constructive, “It is important to note that it is more important for the patient to see far or near. First of all, a detailed eye examination should be performed. The eye structure of each patient may not be suitable for this surgery. Besides the pupil size of the patient, the professional status of patients with cataracts, Factors that affect the choice of patients, even factors such as age, reading habits, etc. It is one of the factors that will directly affect the success of the operation by the doctor in detail. Thanks to the correct selection of the lens and above a certain quality, a high success rate is achieved in these surgeries, and after the operation, patients should use drops and take care of their eyes for a period of about 3-4 weeks. Me reaches normal levels in about 1-2 days, while patients can return to their normal lives after this short period of time. ”

He completes his words by saying .

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