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Great Circulation What is the Purpose of a Great Blood Circulation?

Great Circulation What is the Purpose of a Great Blood Circulation?

The most important process in the body is blood circulation. Blood circulation; it provides the distribution of clean blood to all cells in the body. When the heart does not work in the body; blood pumping stops; The main purpose of the general blood circulation in the body is to carry oxygen and nutrients to the cells and to remove the waste from the cells. Blood circulation is divided into two:

1. Small Blood Circulation

Small blood circulation is the type of circulation in which the contaminated blood is removed from the body. This circulation begins at the right ventricle and ends at the atrium. Dirty blood in the right ventricle in the small bloodstream; pulmonary artery is taken to the lung. The lung cleanses the lungs back to the left atrium of the heart.

2. Large Blood Circulation

In the large blood circulation, the blood that is cleared in the lung is distributed to the body and the contaminated blood in the body is brought to the heart. Clean blood in the left ventricle in the large bloodstream; it is distributed to all internal organs and tissues through the aorta and other arteries. Carbon dioxide is then replaced by oxygen from the capillaries. This accumulated carbon dioxide and dirty blood is brought back to the right atrium of the heart.

What Does Big Blood Circulation Mean?

Blood in the body; the right ventricle of the heart is called a great blood circulation. In this circulatory form, clean blood is distributed throughout the body. These circulatory arteries are clean and the oxygen carries plenty of blood while the veins carry dirty and less oxygen.

How Does Big Blood Circulation Work?

  1. Large blood circulation, which allows the transport of clean blood to the whole body, takes place between the heart and the whole body.
  2. Dirty blood in the whole body; the veins are brought to the right atrium.
  3. Afterwards, this dirty blood passes through the right atrium to the right ventricle with a small blood circulation and is then sent to the lung.
  4. The blood coming to the lung is then moved to the left atrium and to the left ventricle.
  5. In the last left ventricle, clean blood is pumped through the aorta to the whole body.
  6. In this way, the main cycle of blood circulation is completed. This cycle continues as long as the human breathes.
  7. Thus, the main cycle of circulation is completed. This cycle lasts for life.

What are the major stages of blood circulation?

  1. Left ventricle in the 1st stage: In the heart, there is plenty of blood in the left ventricle. This cleanse is distributed all over the body.
  2. 2nd stage aorta: The main artery is the aorta that spreads from the heart to the whole body. Aourt’s mission is to distribute blood to the upper and lower all organs.
  3. 3. Stage body capillaries: Each tissue and organ with capillaries in the body has reached the blood. There is less oxygen in the blood in the capillaries and the amount of carbon dioxide in the body increases in the loop, ie the blood in the blood is contaminated.
  4. 4. Stage veins: The veins bring back the dirty blood formed in the whole body to the heart.
  5. 5. Stage right heart of the foreloon: With venous, when the dirty blood from the whole body reaches the right atrium, large blood circulation is completed.


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