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Hair Removal, What is hair loss, Why it happens, How does hair loss?

Hair Removal, What is hair loss, Why it happens, How does hair loss?

Wrecking of the hair, hair loss, hair loss (hair growth) can not leave your hair, hair, skin under the skin to continue to grow. It is a problem especially in women. In the wrecks (bristle rotation), the bristles remain directly in the skin or the hair goes out of the skin and comes back into the skin. Bristling usually occurs a few days after the hair is removed by any shaving method such as hair removal, razor blade, wax. In men, sunken hair usually occurs in the area of ​​the cheeks, chin and neck after shaving, while in women it is encountered in the armpits, in the groin area and in the legs with the problem of hair rotation. Even a single bristle can cause hair to turn. Hair removal is a skin problem usually seen in the armpits, legs, face, groin, breech, tails.

What are the symptoms of hair loss?

  1. Hair, hairs embedded in the skin
  2. Redness of the skin
  3. Tenderness and pain
  4. Itching
  5. Burning sensation in the skin
  6. Swollen blisters, pimples
  7. Skin darkness (hyperpigmentation)
  8. Swelling of the submerged area
  9. High fever
  10. Causes hair turn?

What are the causes of hair loss?

  1. Very frequent shaving of hair
  2. The wrong way to remove the hair from the wrong direction, the opposite direction of shaving
  3. Wearing very tight clothing.
  4. Overweight.
  5. In the day you sit a lot.
  6. Subcutaneous tissue is oily
  7. Very sweating.
  8. Extremely high body hair.

How is hair loss treated?

If you suffer from hair loss, you should contact a General Surgery or Skin doctor. Since hair loss is a very common skin problem and because of the possibility of recurrence (recurrence) after all kinds of treatment, it has always been in search and many treatment methods have been developed.

There are treatments that can be performed before the hair turn can reach an advanced level. These;

  1. Hair removal with the help of a special tweezers
  2. Shave in different direction
  3. To make the hair grow longer.
  4. To use various creams by the doctor.

We can list the treatment methods for hair loss as follows;

  1. Surgical methods:

Hair removal can be treated surgically with open cessation technique, semi-capping technique, complete non-dressing technique, flap (with skin-shifting) techniques.

  1. Non-surgical methods:

In recent years, the most preferred treatment methods for hair return. This is due to the need for anesthesia and inpatient treatment for surgical treatment methods and the loss of labor force for a long time after surgical procedures. Another preferred reason for non-surgical treatment is that it provides the opportunity to return to daily life and activity immediately after treatment. There is no hospitalization period and no loss of labor, no general anesthesia (narcosis) and no risk of infection. There is no need for needle medication or dressing as there is no pain or wound after surgery.

  1. Treatment of phenol treatment non-surgical hair loss

Phenol treatment method has long been applied in only a few universities in Turkey.

  1. Laser treatment and microsinusectomy are also methods of treatment of hair rotation.

Questions and answers to the doctors about hair loss

Birisi kıl dönmesi olursa ameliyat olmazsa ihmal ederse onu ne gibi sorunlar tehlikeler bekliyordur. Sual: If someone neglects the operation of hair return to the hair, what problems are waiting for the dangers. In the case of a braking rotation of the bristle on the return side of the hair, what are the treatments like hair loss?


General Surgery Dr. The response of Gülsüm Altaca (hair transplantation) proceeds without surgery and can grow deeper or become deeper, if the operation becomes more and more difficult, and if there is an abscess or infection, this abscess is opened. treatment is performed, then it is operated. Does not notice hot cold.)

9 aydır kıl dönmesi var ve yeni farkına vardım. Sual: I’ve had a hair twist for 9 months and I just realized it. I postponed the operation for 4 months. Vee, I’ve never felt pain or itching. My doctor said it was a hair loss, constantly bleeding. Do I postpone the surgery leads to bigger problems?


General Surgery Kadir Uskuay’s response: (Inflammation, swelling, there is a clean, if you keep clean (around the hair removed) there is no problem you want surgery.)

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