Happifest Creative Children’s Festival was held in Adana

The festival, which was started with a dream by teacher couple Harun and Pelin Uz, was carried out with the support of dozens of volunteer teachers.


Many events were held

At the festival, which was held in the Atlı Sports garden in Adana, approximately 220 children between the ages of 5-12 were given a nice day with workshops, shows and field activities. The workshops were organized by experts in their field operating in Adana. Sensory games workshop between the ages of 2-4 was also held, considering the siblings of the children participating in the festival.


Great interest from parents

There were fun moments with the Wizard, Zumba Kids and Children’s Concert, which the parents could not help themselves to attend. Selen Baranoğlu, Child Psychologist for adults as well as children, Sarıhan Family and Minik Gezgin, who made a world tour with their bikes, made presentations and interviews.


Happifest Creative Kids Festival wants to be a traditional event organized every year by focusing on workshops, orienteering, outdoor sports, camping and sensory games and to participate among the festivals among Adana’s tourism values.

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