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Happy Ending or Separation? What Does Science Say About Long Distance Relationships?

Long distance relationships are a taboo for many. Many people think that these types of relationships cannot last long. Of course, for a healthy relationship, it is extremely important for couples to spend time with each other. However, contrary to the general belief, happiness is not that difficult in long distance relationships. There are many celebrities who are happy and have a long distance relationship. Is it possible to run long distance relationships? Do these types of relationships end with a happy ending or a breakup? Let’s see what the science says about this.

1. Couples with long distance relationships aren’t more unhappy


In 2014, a study was conducted with more than 700 couples with long distance relationships and 400 couples who are geographically close to each other. The research revealed that there are no significant differences between the two types of relationships. People who live far from their partners are no more likely to be unhappy in their relationships than couples who live close to each other. The researchers note that “individuals in long-distance dating relationships are not at a disadvantage.”

2.Distance can strengthen communication

long distance

According to another study conducted by researchers from Cornell University and Hong Kong City University in a 2013 study, it was discovered that distances do not interfere with intimate communication. Researchers found that distant couples’ daily phone calls, video chats, and texts strengthened their communications. It was determined that couples with long-distance relationships felt closer to each other than geographically close couples.

3.Separation allows you to idealize your partner


The same study found that couples in long distance relationships tend to idealize their partner’s behavior. After all, when you don’t need to see their dirty laundry, it’s easy to see your partner the way you want and visualize it that way.

4. Temporary distance contributes to happier couples

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A 2007 study by Katheryn Maguire, a researcher specializing in relationships and distance communication, found that long-distance couples who are confident that they will reunite with their partners are more satisfied and less distressed than those who do not know when to meet. However, the study did not test whether these couples were more likely to break up, only to find that they were happier if there was certainty that they would still live in the same city one day.

5.For some people, long distance relationships are a matter of choice.


In the same study conducted in 2007, some participants reported that they knew they would reunite with their partners but were not satisfied with the result. Others were indecisive about their long-distance relationships, namely their future partners. But they didn’t really care. This “continuous [uzun mesafeli ilişkiler] It shows that there is a subset of individuals who might choose to stay in it, ”writes Maguire, and some people“ can actively seek a long distance relationship so they can get the best of both. (a romantic relationship and plenty of autonomy). “

6.Women adapt more easily to distance

long distance

A 1994 study of college students in long-distance relationships found that women adapted better to distance. Distance actually makes women feel more peaceful.

7. In long distance relationships, couples think that they will not be separated.


A 2012 study by psychologists from the University of Denver followed 870 young people in the United States in both long distance and intimate relationships. Compared to people who lived close to their partners, people in long-distance relationships thought that for a year from now they would still be with the person in their life and even get married. The researchers sent them a follow-up questionnaire four months later. As a result of this survey, it was revealed that most couples with long distance relationships were not together and separated as they thought.

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