He asked the escort he hired to do something like that. . .


There was an incident on social media by sharing a female escort in Japan. A Japanese man asked for such a thing from the escort he hired, although everyone may think of a sexual situation, and that is not the case at all. . .

The young man needed help to move his house; The transportation service will cost a lot that the man rented a female escort to move his house.

Yes, although it is surprising for all of us, consider the escort woman! It was the first time in his life that he faced such a situation.

A 2-hour escort rental request was received by a man for the woman named Miyuna in Japan. Escort Miyuna did not think of anything different and went routinely to the man’s house.

When he came home, the man told him that he had moved his home and needed help with packaging. The woman helplessly helped the man by his job and later shared his experiences on Twitter.



He even asked other female escorts if they had ever encountered anything like this before.

Miyuna on Twitter “Has anyone else asked me for a two-hour service to your home and actually needed a help to move your home?” said.
The answers he received were surprising. . . It was surprising everyone that there were similar answers to Miyuna’s question. Eskor women shared their experiences with customers seeking help to move home.

One female escort wrote once that a man wanted 3 hours of service and also asked for help to pack his things.

He then wrote that he had time to pack the house a little further and that he had ordered him a meal.

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