Heavy Lives Sean Milliken died at 29


Sean Milliken was one of the most remarkable stories and pounds in the Heavy Lives program published on TLC. The broken relationship of his parents made him addicted to eating at an early age. After her parents’ divorce, things went from bad to good for Sean and she was bedridden because of her weight at a young age. Her mother, Renee, took custody from her father and started to look after her son. The emotional relationship between mother and son was the only thing that kept Sean alive.


When he went to Houston for tube stomach surgery, Sean, who was 408 pounds, accepted the diet of the doctors, albeit difficult, and started to lose weight. Sean Milliken, who tried to put his life in order after the surgery and faced the past with his father, had succeeded in getting his life on track.


Her only surviving mother was sick due to kidney failure some time ago. Renee, who soon became worse, died. It was devastating for Sean that his mother, Renee, died.


“They said she had kidney failure and failed. She died a few weeks ago and I was devastated and now I don’t know what to do because my mom was everything for me.”

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