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Herbal Soaps Which Treatments Are Used


Natural treatment methods are waiting for you. Which soap is useful for what? In one of the branches recommended by experts in many treatments …

Herbal Soaps Which Treatments Are Used

Natural treatment methods are waiting for you. Which soap is useful for what? In one of the branches recommended by experts in many treatments in alternative medicine, we have listed the properties of natural soaps and herbal soaps, which are used for the treatment of herbal soaps.

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  • Herbal Soaps Which Treatments Are Used
    • Argan soap
    • Avocado soap
    • Pearl powder soap with honey
    • Rosemary soap
    • Çitlenbik (Bitti, Wild peanut) soap
    • Blackberry soap
    • Wheat soap
    • Pine soap
    • Yarrow soap
    • Strawberry soap
    • Mastic soap
    • Laurel soap
    • Artichoke leaf soap
    • Basil soap
    • French lavender
    • Rose leaf soap
    • Carrot soap
    • Himalayan salt soap
    • Chicory soap
    • coconut soap
    • Linden soap
    • Nettle soap
    • Fig soap
    • Coffee soap
    • Cocoa soap
    • St. John’s Wort soap
    • Black grape soap
    • Clove soap
    • Tar soap
    • Apricot soap
    • Clay soap
    • Sulfur soap
    • Kiwi soap
    • Goat milk soap
    • Olive oil soap
    • Lemon soap
    • Mango soap
    • Melissa soap
    • Parsley soap
    • Violet soap
    • Licorice soap
    • Mint soap
    • Pomegranate soap
    • Eucalyptus soap
    • Ocean soap
    • Orchid soap
    • Castile Soap
    • Chamomile soap

Herbal Soaps Which Treatments Are Used

Argan soap

It is effective in hair loss and hair care. It is considered an ideal moisturizer for dry hair, also known as Moroccan soap.

Avocado soap

Rich fatty acids in it regulate the moisture balance of the skin, it is a strong tonic. It provides a flexible and vigorous appearance by massaging with its foam. It is good for cellulite. It removes the spots on the skin.

Pearl powder soap with honey

Cleans skin pores. It is used as a face and body firming, it also has a polishing feature. It creates porcelain skin effect in continuous use. It brings the tired skin surface as it ages.

Rosemary soap

It is especially ideal for those who have oily hair. It removes the oil in the hair and body, it also has a degreasing feature. It can be added to oily skin care.

Which soap is useful for what?

Çitlenbik (Ditti, Wild pistachio) soap

It is ideal for hair and body that require care. It is also good for skin diseases. stops hair loss completely. It is effective on dandruff hair.

Blackberry soap

It is an antioxidant soap. It has a refreshing and restorative effect. It is a strong tonic in skin cleansing, it reduces the wear on the skin.

Wheat soap

It is very rich in vitamins E, A and D. Refreshes the skin, repairs the worn skin surface. The natural proteins in it make the hair durable. It was observed that it was good for callus, heel, hand and foot cracks.

Pine soap

Psoriasis for oily skin is a dermatological soap for eczema disorders. It is used for cleaning wounds and against dandruff.

Yarrow soap

It removes the depressions on the face. It is also effective in sun burns. It also does hair care. It has fast hair extension feature. It has a firming feature. Women have the effect of relieving pain during menstrual period.

Strawberry soap

Antioxidant. For dry skin. Removes flaking. It is good for wrinkles.

Mastic soap

It is a soap that has a botox effect against facial sagging, especially in women over 40. It gives a feeling of vitality.

Laurel soap

It is used to open pores in the skin and in skin diseases. It also revitalizes the hair follicles. It has germicidal properties. It protects the body from diseases by reducing the risk of developing fungal and eczema disorders.

herbal soaps

Artichoke leaf soap

It is good for hand and foot swelling. The herbal glycerin in it is also the best natural moisture absorber.

Basil soap

It is good for gout by reducing uric acid in the blood. Provides improvement in mosquito and pest bites. It is effective against dandruff. It prevents sweat odor in body uses and is used effectively in cellulite treatment.

French lavender

It is acne and acne soap over 17 years old. Frequent use can cause irritation. you can put it in the corners of your home, it provides relief.

Rose leaf soap

It is used in makeup cleansing for sensitive skin. Moisturizes the skin. Eliminates birthmarks. It is effective in removing dead skin from the skin. It has a hair remover feature when used with Bıttı soap.

Carrot soap

For sunspots and freckles. It protects from the harmful effects of the sun, has a restorative effect. It regulates metabolism. It has antiseptic and antibacterial effects.

Himalayan salt soap

Nourishes the hair. It is used on dyed hair. It provides a natural deodorant function due to its anti-bacterial properties. It is especially useful for the relief of pain in skin conditions, joint and muscle disorders, diseases of the circulatory system, moisturizing the skin, and removal of cellulite and stretch marks.

Chicory soap

It is effective in rheumatism and muscle pain. It is also good for gout. Strengthens blood circulation.

coconut soap

It is effective against inflammation. It is effective in joint, muscle and rheumatic pain. It can be used to prevent or reduce acne rashes. It is used to remove dirt and dead cells from the skin.

Linden soap

It is good for skin itching, burns and inflammations. It is also good for skin blemishes. It is recommended for sensitive skin, especially ideal for face and makeup removal. Restructures and renews irritated skin, removes skin rashes.

Nettle soap

It is used against hair loss and dandruff treatment. It is effective in psoriasis. Eliminates cellulite and wrinkles It is effective against pain. It has a tonic feature and strengthens the skin.

Fig soap

With its peeling effect, it renews dull skin and supports cell development. It provides natural shine by strengthening the hair roots.

Coffee soap

It has a pain relieving feature. It is effective on cellulite and skin problems. It also provides the removal of bad odors that get on your hands. It speeds up the metabolism.

Cocoa soap

It is effective in removing cracks that occur after pregnancy. Natural antioxidant effective moisturizing softening effect. It speeds up the blood circulation.

herbal soap

St. John’s Wort soap

With its antiseptic feature, it prevents the formation of microbes in the wound. The cell has a regenerative feature. It is effective in healing wounds.

Black grape soap

It is a skin protector and used in the treatment of varicose veins. It normalizes pale and lifeless skin. It prevents wrinkles by making the skin more frequent and elastic. By repairing capillaries, it corrects skin wrinkles and prevents sagging.

Clove soap

When used regularly, it minimizes wrinkles related to aging. Only people over the age of 45 can use. It is beneficial to the vascular structure. Due to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, clove soap cleans the skin. Thanks to antioxidant vitamin C, it cleanses the skin from toxins and provides vitality and freshness.

Tar soap

It is used for eczema treatment and itching. It improves varicose veins. It removes inflammations caused by cystitis. The smell on the tar relaxes breathing. It is used in ringworm treatment.

Apricot soap

It is used as a moisturizer for dry skin. It is effective against aging. It balances the rate of oil without drying the skin. It is against acne and acne spots. Quickly renews skin cells.

Clay soap

It cleans dead skin, gives the skin vitality. iyah prevents the formation of spot and acne. Cleans the skin deeply. It has a firming feature. It nourishes the skin and removes toxins. It removes excess water from the skin. It gives minerals and vitamins.

Sulfur soap

14, 17 years old puberty soap. It prevents blackheads, pimples and acne from forming. It has a drying, antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Kiwi soap

It contains vitamins C, E and A. It is especially recommended for dry skin, it is a very soft and nourishing herbal soap. Ideal moisturizing soap for dry skin.

Goat milk soap

It is used to remove skin and facial blemishes. It maintains the moisture rate of the skin all day long. It gives the skin softness, rejuvenates and tightens.

Olive oil soap

It is an antiseptic soap and has been shown to destroy diseases such as diaper rash, bite, acne and fungus, and gives the skin vitality. Thanks to its antiseptic feature, it has proven benefits in skin conditions such as acne irritation eczema fungus psoriasis rash rash allergy on the skin of the face and body. It increases the resistance of the skin against skin diseases.

Lemon soap

It is the ideal cleanser for oily skin. It is used to clean the fungus and prevent foot odor problem. It prevents the coming of flies and other insects when you use it in the shower.

Mango soap

It is used in fungal diseases. It alleviates insect bites. It prevents stretch marks during pregnancy. Relieves skin allergies. It is good for muscle fatigue, pain and tension. It regulates the skin after peeling and tanning.

Melissa soap

A vitamin, skin-beautifying and refreshing soap. It is antibacterial. Before using it, you need to check if you are allergic.

Parsley soap

It is good for skin and hair loss. It is also good for puberty pimples. Sun spots provide a perfect solution for skin darkening and acne.

Violet soap

It is used for rashes and allergies on sensitive skin. Purifies from acne and blemishes.

Liquorice soap

It is used in patients with vitiligo, psoriasis, behçet, cancer and leukemia. It is very useful for antiseptic, diuretic, detox and tonic properties, acne, cellulite and edema. It can be used as a natural toothpaste. It is used in diseases such as psoriasis, behçet, lupus species, pernicious anemia, hashimoto.

Mint soap

Germicidal soap. If breastfeeding mothers massage their breasts with mint soap foam, they increase breast milk. It helps to renew the natural and protective acid layer of the skin. It cleans all skin types gently.

Pomegranate soap

It is a skin nourishing and firming that reverses old age. It nourishes the skin texture by nourishing the skin. Thus, it rejuvenates the skin. Its anti oxidant property is also known.

Eucalyptus soap

It is used for blackheads and pores. It nourishes, revitalizes and moisturizes the skin with the vitamin E and glycerin it contains.

Ocean soap

It is a refreshing shower soap. It is suitable for use after shaving with its moisturizing feature.

Orchid soap

It helps to remove deep wrinkles. It provides a smooth shiny skin. It is an effective aphrodisiac with its fragrance. It has a regenerating and rejuvenating effect on skin cells.

Castile Soap

Chamomile soap

It is effective against anti-inflammatory fungus and eczema. It is used in cellulite treatment. When used in hair washing, it fights dandruff and helps to lighten the hair.



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