Herbal Treatment for Thickening of the Uterus Wall İbrahim Saraçoğlu Cure

It is necessary for the uterine tissue to be healthy and thick enough for both the menstrual cycle and pregnancy to occur. If the thickness of the uterus is less than 8 mm, the embryo cannot attach to the uterine wall. However, thicker uterine wall than normal is also a health problem, causing various complaints.

Uterine Wall Thickening Symptoms

Menstrual bleeding is more severe than usual: This is one of the most common symptoms of thickening of the uterine lining. If the menstrual bleeding is more intense than before, if the menstrual period is prolonged and the periods become irregular, it may be suspected that the thickness of the uterine wall is increased. In this case, pains accompany the excessive menstrual bleeding. Groin pains are excessive.

  1. Your menstrual period starts to take longer
  2. Having menstruation again before 21 days after menstruation ends
  3. Brown spots between two periods
  4. Not having periods (pre-menopause).
  5. Postmenopausal uterine bleeding.
  6. Heart rate, excessive sweating, hot flashes
  7. Painful sexual intercourse, dryness in the vagina, hypersensitivity
  8. Increased hair growth

Causes Uterine Thickening?

Uterine thickening is due to a hormonal imbalance, particularly a relative excess of estrogen relative to progesterone. Uterine wall thickening is rarely seen in women under the age of 35. Risk factors for uterine wall thickening include;

  1. Some breast cancer treatments (tamoxifen).
  2. Diabetes (Diabetes).
  3. Family history of ovarian, uterine, or colon cancer.
  4. Gallbladder disease.
  5. Hormone therapy.
  6. Never had a pregnancy before
  7. Obesity
  8. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).
  9. To smoke
  10. Thyroid disease
  11. Don’t be of white race.
  12. Long irregular or no periods

How Is Uterine Wall Thickening Diagnosed?

Whether there is a thickening in the uterine wall can be detected with an ultrasound examination. However, to clarify this diagnosis, it is necessary to take a sample from the uterus and evaluate it in the laboratory.

Uterine Wall Thickening Treatment

Thickening of the uterine wall is often corrected with progesterone pills. How long the treatment will take, the dose to be taken depends on the thickness of the uterine wall and the general health of the patient. Your doctor will decide on the right treatment.

Is Thickening of the Uterus Wall Preventing Pregnancy?

The thinness of the uterine wall rather than its thickness means pregnancy. Of course, if the uterine wall is too thick, it can also prevent pregnancy. If it is caused by fibroids or endometrial polyp, it is unlikely to become pregnant. Because fibroids and polyps prevent the embryo from adhering to the uterus and the person getting pregnant. Even if pregnancy does occur, there is a high risk of miscarriage. Therefore, women who want to have children but have thickening of the uterine wall should first be relieved of this discomfort. This is possible by determining the underlying cause of the disease and applying a treatment accordingly. If it is determined that it is caused by polyps or fibroids, it will need to be surgically removed. Pregnancy planning can be done after the operation.

Is Thickening of the Uterine Wall a Sign of Pregnancy?

It is possible to talk about thickening of the uterine wall among the symptoms of pregnancy. One week after this event, it can be learned whether pregnancy has occurred or not by ultrasound examination. To confirm whether the thickening of the uterine wall is due to pregnancy or a gynecological problem, a pregnancy test in blood, ie BHCG, should be performed.

Prof. dr. Shepherd’s Bag Cure Recipe for Uterine Thickening and Myoma by İbrahim Saraçoğlu

As a natural solution to myoma and uterine thickening, Prof. Dr. Shepherd’s purse cure is recommended by İbrahim Saraçoğlu. Those who have bleeding due to the thickening of the uterus should avoid drinking pomegranate juice.

7-8 grams of shepherd’s purse grass is thrown into 1 glass of water. It is boiled over low heat for 5-6 minutes. The bottom is quenched and taken from the stove. It is left to warm aside. Then the water is filtered and consumed in warm form. It is repeated for 3 weeks, once a day. It will perform the herbal treatment successfully within 21 days. However, it should be noted; The shepherd’s bag to be used is fresh. Also, if the shelf life exceeds 1 year, it should be avoided.

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