Herbal Treatment of Dry Eye, Natural Remedy

Dry eye herbal remedies often shows various teas. Dry eye can occur in many people. Dry eye symptoms

The most important of the is the feeling of burning, stinging and itching in the eyes. In addition, smoky or foggy vision is also among the symptoms of dry eyes. People with dry eyes also have a low sensitivity to light. Headaches may also occur due to dry eye. Therefore, it is necessary to treat this ailment as soon as possible.

Why Eye Dry?

Dry eyes shows itself especially in summer. This is because hot and dry environments prevent tear accumulation. In addition, using too much computer or phone also causes dry eyes. People who smoke or are exposed to cigarette smoke often have dry eyes. Doctors usually drops for dry eyes gives. These drops are also perfect for dry eyes. But other than that, there are methods that can be tried at home to get this ailment. People who use tear drops can also supplement this drop with these methods.


Tea Dressing For Dry Eye

One of the most impressive and safe methods that can be tried at home in eye diseases is dressing with tea. What is good for dry eyes

Tea recipes are often given in response to the question . Dressing with black teas brewed for breakfast is good for the eyes. But some teas are more effective than black teas. For example, chamomile tea is very effective due to its anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties. Apart from that, fennel seed tea can also be recommended for dry eyes. Drying the cotton in one of these teas and putting it in the closed eye and waiting for 10 minutes will also suffer from dry eyes.

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